Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two Southern Liberals Sit Down to Talk about Race

And people like Joan Walsh, Michael Moore and Bill Maher should listen. A woman who was raised in Virginia and a man from Tennessee, both with Tulane University connections talk about the marriage of economic inequality with racial inequality in the United States. They also talk about the sensitivity of choice of words amongst the Left today.

For example, "occupy" has a particular resonance with Native Americans and Manhattan, indeed with the whole of the country.

From about 4:57 onwards, when Tim Wise speaks of his own history of anti-racial involvement and how it's mete to listen to people of colour for their own experiences and insight into racism and when Melissa Harris-Perry responds, emphasizing the difference in experiences for whites as opposed to black and brown people in America, we all need to listen - especially a budding young wannabe political pundit Zaid Jilani ... but more of him later on.

Watch and ponder:-

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  1. Thanks Emilia, great clip. I love both Tim and Melissa.