Thursday, September 20, 2012

Willard's Real Campaign Song

Now that we've seen what he really thinks of 47% of America, I think he can let loose with a song which states exactly what we've known for a long time, but have only recently seen:-

With thanks to my distant kinsman, James Earl Carter IV, for exposing the real Mitt Romney.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Real Time with Bill Maher - September 7, 2012

With Dipshit Christine O'Donnell. Bill really should have nailed her on her stupid remark about Obama having a Democratic Congress for the first two years.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's Unguarded Moment

Remember the comment about certain people "clinging to their guns and religion" from the 2008 campaign? Whoreanna Fuckington used a little Clintonista who sorta kinda illegally taped the President at a private function.

Well, yesterday, Willard gifted us with this little gem:-

We're being given all these wonderfully revealing little gems. We shouldn't stint on using them.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Boys from Winchester, Virginia

I was born in Winchester, Virginia. So was Rick Santorum. So was a fella named Joe Bageant. Joe was a self-styled Progressive redneck. He was born working class at a time in Virginia when the real working class was made to remain firmly in its place, but always with a rejoinder that the only thing separating them from black people was the colour of their skin.

Joe is no longer with us, but he wrote a seminal work entitled Deer-Hunting with Jesus. It's well worth a read, because Joe's mission in life was to get his "people" to realise that they were basically being stuffed by the Republican Party who had embraced their so-called interests,  screwed by the Democratic Party which identified itself with the Coastal elites over forty years ago. The party which claimed to be for the working class had condemned them as toothless, uneducated inbreds, not worth the time or effort because of their inherent racism.

Well, we know now that racism, in the form of patronising condescension, is still alive and well in some sectors of the Left (Joan Walsh, anyone?).

Joe's firm belief (and I agree with him) as expounded in his book, is that the Republican Party's aim was to create a generation of undereducated or uneducated peasantry, distrustful of higher education, high on Dominionist religion, which emphasized how the nature of being "chosen" by God, and malleable to the rantings of the extreme Right. This peasant class would form the stock of low-paid worker drones who would promote the Republican interests, which were basically anything but the interests of the working class.

Just this week, at the Voters' Values Summit, another boy from Winchester, Virginia, confirmed exactly what  Joe had been saying all along. Take it away, Rick Santorum:-

Scary, isn't it, that a small town like Winchester could produce two such divergent types. I miss Joe.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Republican Hugs

Charlie Crist, arguably one of the last reasonable and moderate Republicans, was hounded from the GOP by extremists. He's now endorsed the President and is campaigning with and for him as a surrogate in Florida.

Also, in Florida, a small businessman, owner of a pizza parlour and a registered Republican, rushed back from the golf course when he'd heard the President had dropped by his place of business. The businessman voted for the President in 2008 and plans to vote for him again this year.

Make no mistake: This is a small businessman. A Republican. In Florida. A swing state. (Remember how the Republican Party has pushed the lie about the President being no friend of business, especially the small businessman?)

To the Republicans, I've no doubt both of these men represent the worst form of Judas-kissing. I know from 2009, the GOP always painted Charlie Crist as a traitor, the way the Tea Party-turned GOP in Indiana did the same more recently to Dick Lugar.

But to the Democrats, these hugs are priceless and mean so much more. They mean that bipartisan consensus and approval can be reached.

These guys are backing a winner.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Should Be Paul Ryan's Theme Song

Or rather, the Democrats should make it his theme song.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bedtime Stories for Republican Children


PeeWee Herman's Great Adventure

The Tale of the Evil Medusa (Look into her eyes & you'll turn to stone)

The Wicked Witch of the West

The Wicked Witch of the North

The Wicked Witch of the East

The Wicked Witch of the South

The Creature from the Black Lagoon


Maleficent the Evil Queen

Tar Baby


Sunday, September 2, 2012

The People Who'll Choose Romney

Last night Bill Maher gave us a taste of the sort of people whom filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi found to be attending the Republican National Convention as delegates. This makes for uncomfortable viewing:-

I am not kidding, peeps. These people are seriously scary, and what's scarier is they elect people just like them - people like Joe Walsh, amongst others. And these people will not only be responsible for electing a President, but choosing a Congress, the body who will make the laws a Republican President will be forced to sign.

If you don't think racism is at the root of all of this, look into these people's eyes. Most all of them are low-information voters, and for those with some sort of higher education, all of that knowledged is blinded by the fact that a black man legitimately won the Presidency. I'm actually surprised that there weren't packs of dogs roaming the streets of Tampa last week with the amount of dog-whistling going on at that convention. But these folks give you an idea of what to expect if Democrats don't vote. As the hateful religious lady said, economics and education don't matter, they want God at the centre of everything. They are so filled with hatred for this President, that they'd rather have a white non-Christian in the White House, and rest assured, Mitt Romney may be Mormon and his running mate Catholic, but it's these people's brand of Christianity and ethics which would be thrust down the throats of all American citizens.

Clint Eastwood became their standard-bearer this week, the angry old white man at the head of a legion of white people, old and young, who want a white country back. The creepiest bit about this entire montage was the very young child being indoctrinated with the subtly racist message that Obama (or any person of colour who hits the highest level) is "bad for America."

The Big Lie lives on. This is truly sad and truly scary.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Real Time August 31 2012

OMFG ... was that introduction from Alexandra Pelosi scary? This country has masked racism with Jesus, and these people are seriously warped and ignorant. If you elect Romney-Ryan, these people will have gained power. Bringing "God" back to America added to the blind hatred of the President which is just a euphemism for racism. People have to vote. People have to fight to vote.

Dinesh D'Souza, another lying, steaming bag of shit, and it's obvious Bill only got him on the show, ultimately, for payback time. The ending of that interview was well worth the wait, but the bulk of it was too, for showing D'Souza for the abject lying toad and coward that he is. Watch his desperate spin.

Panel: Jason Alexander, Soledad O'Brien and Ron Christie ... Ron Christie! Another plantation apologist.

Boy, right away, Soledad O'Brien describes the Big Lie and exactly how it works and how the Republicans are using it. Bill links Hitler to the equation. He's right. More people should identify and refer THE BIG LIE to Republican. Link them with Goebbels and Hitler and watch their ignorance and indignation swell.

And Ron Christie just proved Bill's point - fact-checking the fact-checkers, and then pulling out of his ass the infamous $715 million cuts from Medicare. FFS, Obama's cuts were from unnecessary administrative procedures, not from treatments. Ryan would just fucking cut. More BIG LIE. They can't help themselves, and Ron Christie, as much as he would hope to be, will never be a white man. He is the Republicans' Negro.

Kudos to Soledad, who sets the bastard straight. For the umpteenth time, as Maher said, the cuts come from the corporations, not from the benefits; but, you know, people who hate Obama, like those people in Pelosi's film, hate him for one reason and one reason only: He's black.

Everything else, every reason they give, is subterfuge and - dare I say it - a lie.

Jason Alexander nails it ... we have a distinctly lazy and ignorant public, who are trained to believe what the news media tells them; and the news media, ofttimes deliberately, misinforms.

By the way, Ron Christie looks like David Brooks in blackface.

Bill Maher on Republicans: It's very hard to argue in a world where we don't agree on facts. As Patrick Moynihan once said, one is entitled to one's own opinion, but not to one's own facts. Facts are truth. Everything else is a lie.

Glad Bill brought up Clint Eastwood's hypocrisy re family values - seven children by five different women, only two of whom he married. Babymammas, anyone?

The reason the people in the hall loved Eastwood was that he fed their notions of the President as being like the "angry and rude" non-existent Obama in the empty chair. He created the illusion those people believe to be the truth, because Barack Obama is black.

Good. Now they're talking about Ann Romney's lies about their youthful poverty. Call the bullshit. Bill's gobsmacked.

Bill's epiphany continues, and he nails the fact that Ryan's faux poverty story about his working at McDonalds - this was never ever going to be his last stop on the road; because he was a rich, white kid doing a summer job. McDonalds is the last-chance saloon for many a poor kid who's shunted from high school with no hope in hell. But the white Republicans in that hall see that as some sort of Horatio Alger shit.

Jason Alexander calls time on Ryan's disingenuity, but - as per usual - Ron Christie has his own facts. Bill's getting distinctly fed up with Christie.

Walter Kirn is the fourth panelist, an ex-Mormon, who'll shed light on the aspects of that religion which Mitt Romney is keeping secret. Kirn confirms that Mormons have only recently started calling themselves Christians - an evolving religion founded by a fourteen year-old boy.

Arguing again about global warming with Ron Christie towing the fucking GOP line. Once again, they create their own fact.

Fuck me ... Christine O'Donnell is on next week - on the panel with Katrina vanden Heuvel.