Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The President Hands Jake Tapper His Ass

I've been waiting so long for this. Tapper is a glorified blogger from the Joan Walsh school of journalism - and if you're interested, Joan's got an absolutely pathetic, gin-sodden speculative character assassination of Nancy Lanza up on her Salon rag, which inevitably meanders into blaming the President for the Sandy Hook disaster.

Tapper was in the right place at the right time to blag his blog into a job at ABC, covering the White House. Between him and upChuck Todd, they've managed to show more disrespect in Press Conferences to this President than any other previous one.

Gee, I wonder why?

However ... not today, Jake. Not today. You just had your ass served up on a plate by the President of the United States, and at the end, you looked like you wanted to eat some crow.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girl Power

This is not Girl Power ...

This "Girl Power" was founded, put together, manufactured and produced by men.They were told to use the term "Girl Power" in hopes that thousands of impressionable young women the world over would want to emulate their sense of entitlement. Girl Power gave one fame through a more famous husband, and it led one to the bed of a Hollywood actor where she broke up his marriage only to be famously and publically dumped by him.

Girl Power. Wanna see real Girl Power? Watch this ...

I believe Senator Collins and Senator McCaskill. So maybe it's time Uncle Mitch and Give'em Hell Harry stepped aside and let the women show the Senate a thing or two. We know what Miss Nancy did in the House.

That's Girl Power.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Men (One in Drag) Propagating Lies

This is what happens when two privileged, elitist men (one in drag) spin bad economic news for low-information, scared white people.

Deliberate misinformation.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Welfare Queen

This is Kate Middleton. She has never worked a day in her life. In fact, because she was sleeping with the son of the Prince of Wales and grandson of the Queen of England, immediately she graduated university, she was given police protection ... at the taxpayers' expense. Her boyfriend, whom she hung onto for eight years, paid her way ... and he was provided for from the taxpayers' purse.

At least the woman who would have been her mother-in-law actually worked in a kindergarten and earned her own money before getting mixed up with the biggest lot of scroungers since time out of mind.

Her uncle is a cocaine dealer. Here are some pictures of him:-

This is Uncle Gary cutting some coke (not the type you drink).

And here's Uncle Gary with one of his many lady friends.

Her brother-in-law likes dressing up in Nazi uniforms and playing strip games with hookers in Vegas - again, at the taxpayers' expense.

Her sister, another one who hasn't worked a day in her life, rides around Paris, brandishing a gun out a car window. She's given police protection too. Paid for by the tax-payer.

Now, Kate Middleton is pregnant. The British taxpayer will pay for her child from the moment he or she takes its first breath until its last breath is drawn. And this child will never know a day's work or have a profession. The public purse will pick up all expenses.

If Kate Middleton were poor and white, she'd be called a scrounger here. If she were poor and black and collecting state benefits, she'd be called worse.

If she were American, she'd take the state's ticket and vote Republican. If she were African American or Latino, she'd be reviled in the worst way.

Look at the picture above. Look at the family, itself. Are they nothing more than scrubbed-up trailer trash, and is she not the definition of a Welfare Queen?