Monday, December 14, 2009

The Media Whoracle

I'm on a mission. I'm utterly angered and repulsed that so many people on the Left are bamboozled by a phoney shill, who purports to be a Progressive.

People need to learn to think critically and investigate the background and modus operandi of every media talking head who puts forth an idea as fact. If you don't, you just aren't thinking. The saddest thing that can happen to a person is for his intellect to stultify.

There's a particular media person who's really getting up my tits at the moment. Just like I had George Bush pegged as the ineffectual frat boy that he turned out to be, I've had this one pegged for the last 28 years, ever since her rather ignominious departure from the United Kingdom after brazenly trying to appropriate a place amongst the serious British media intelligensia. (Don't be fooled: the fact that Kirsty Wark - the most dipshitbrained political commentator and 'pet Scot' fo the BBC - interviewed her recently only served one purpose - Huffington's stupidity made the equally vapid Wark look good).

I suppose our fathers and grandfathers, the so-called Greatest Generation, had to deal with Tokyo Rose and Axis Annie. Now we have to deal with the Greek Whoracle. I always thought, being the grandchild of three, that naturalised Americans came to this country to savour freedom. Instead the Whoracle came to enhance her brand and further her own interests, all the while criticising any and all Administrations which got in her way. I suppose Michael Huffington's loss to Barbara Boxer in the Senate campaign and his subsequent 'outing' (and thus ending of the business arrangement that was her marriage) put paid to her ultimate ambition of becoming a First Lady with an 'intellectual political salon.'

She's weighing in on everything with no experience or expertise, shouting down people whose knowledge is better, and criticising everything our President does with no basis whatsoever. In her past two television appearances, she's managed to shout down both Jane Mayer and John Podesta, both of whom have infinitely more experience in matters Afghan than she can ever hope to have. As she's adamantly demanding President Obama reveal all his strategy behind his escalation of troops in Afghanistan, I'm absolutely gobsmacked at this assertion.

Lady, this is war. And in war, sometimes you have to keep your cards close to your chest - mostly, so assholes like you can hazard second-guessing. You show everyone your hand and your enemy has you by the short and curlies ... or maybe that's what you want? Maybe you're the obvious spy, the dog in the manger, whose demands are so ridiculously silly that no one would ever think that you're working for 'the other side.'

Ah, but who is the other side? Well, we haven't heard much from the teabaggers and the birthers lately, have we? But we've been hearing a lot of the Left's base who've obviously been breathing in the toxic fumes of the Whoracle's Koolaid. These are so-called rational people - well, I'm rational too; and I never believed the Damascene conversion the first time around when it happened to St Paul, and I'm sure as hell skeptical about someone who promoted Newt Gingrich as the saviour of America in the 1990s, blatantly and openly campaigned for Bill Clinton's impeachment at the same time, supported John McCain in 2000, hurrah'd George Bush's surge and voted him in a second time, enabled Ahhnold in his bid for governor after her own laughable 'campaign' tanked, and suddenly woke up the morning after the 2004 Election to 'realise' she's a Progressive?

As the Brits would say, 'Pull the other one. It's got bleeding bells on.'

Like Rupert Murdoch, she runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds; and at the end of the day, it's all about herself and her ego. That someone of the calibre of George Stephanopolous keeps giving her the kudos by allowing her to appear on his roundtable and spew her toxic venom and ignorance is a disappointment. Perhaps it's something to do with the Greek connection. Well, Major Hasan's a Virginian too, but I'm not about to land on the side of someone who opens fire on and kills 13 people.

Nope, the reason we haven't heard from out teabagging friends on the Right is because their seemingly more intelligent counterparts on the Left, having drunk the Koolaid-flavoured retsina offered up by the Whoracle, are doing the job of debunking and discrediting President Obama for them.

Perhaps when President Palin ascends the Oval Office throne, there'll be a place at her side for the Media Whoracle too. Two good ones together, and all enabled by the totally puerile and immature base of the left, throwing a massive hissy fit and not voting for a reasonable, rational, sensitive and intelligent man. We thought we'd done something right, only to be told by a media shill that we haven't, and she's telling us what to do about it.


One great Progressive voice recently said, 'Faith is the absence of critical thinking.'
But I wonder how long he will continue to be a 'progressive voice?'

Just remember this: In the end, you get the government you deserve. Maybe y'all deserve Palin.

And in the meantime, read the bloggings of one Greek who's not afraid to call out a Media Whoracle out for the phoney she is.