Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carpetbagger from the Jersey Shore.

This asshole could be the next Governor of Virginia. I ask you. Does he sound Virginian? Does he even sound intelligent? To add insult to injury, he's an alumnus of my alma mater. I want to know what damned weed the selectors were smoking when they decided to admit Ken Cuccinelli as a student. Hell, I want to know what weed Virginians were smoking when they elected him.

Go away. Just go away. Snooki from Jersey Shore is bad enough, but she stayed where she belonged. Ken went South. The male co-anchor on the radio is just a bitching racist. Ken proves racism and stupidity isn't confined to the South.

We got our own idiots. Go away.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Truth Out

Truth is that the Republican Party were praying for the September 11 tragedy in Benghazi to play out at the polls in their favour. They were aided in that attempt by the good folk at Fox News.

It didn't.

And when it didn't, truth is the Republicans, headed by John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, all stomped their feet and blamed Benghazi on UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who's most likely to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. They solemnly declared that they would oppose Rice's nomination. Until General Petraeus and the CIA confirmed that Rice was using their talking points and they were mistaken. Oh, and the good Senators were aided by Fox News. Again.

So, the President's won a second term. Benghazi didn't faze voters. But now the Republicans want to turn this into the equivalent of President Obama's Watergate ... with the aid and assistance of Fox News.

Some people are beginning to smell a rat and call out Fox on their obvious bias ... to their faces. People like author Tom Ricks...

More people should be doing this. On Fox. Over to you, Democrats.

Truth out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lindsey and PawPaw Need to Look Closer to Home

Allen West was the living embodiment of a deliberately misinformed electorate choosing a woefully inadequate and unqualified representative.

This man should have been in Fort Leavenworth. Instead, for two years he reigned in the Halls of Congress. He likened African Americans to slaves on the so-called Democratic plantation and bragged of being the Republican Harriet Tubman who would lead them to the enlightenment of the Republican Party.

Thank goodness, prescient voters saw him for what he was and sent him packing to the plantation of his dreams.

And if anyone is willfully incompetent, maybe Lindsey Graham and PawPaw McCain ought to spend more time clearing out the dross from their own party rather than attacking members of the Democratic party over nothing. If they did that, maybe they might regain some feasibility and win some elections.

Allen West ... farewell, douchebag.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Luke Russert Shows Why Nepotism Produces Twits

I was never the biggest fan of Tim Russert, although I acknowledge his legendary status (even though I was embarrassed and appalled at the "king-is-dead" treatment MSNBC gave him at his untimely death.

However, I was even more bemused at the sudden elevation of his then twenty-two year-old son, fresh from Boston College and an aspiring sports reporter, to NBC's Capitol Hill correspondent. I thought he was trite, amateurish and too immature and inexperienced for such a role. And, let's be honest, this was the most blatant piece of nepotism ever practiced by a major network.

It was bad enough, back in 2009 and in the wake of Joe Wilson's infamous "You lie" shouted remark, that in the gaggle of reporters shouting questions at Wilson, Russert could only shout out a question about college football.

Still, Russert has become a fixture at the network, and so he was on hand today to ask a question of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that was not only ignorant, it was offensive and ageist.

Russert thought he was Mr Smartass asking a question that implied that Pelosi's colleagues thought her decision to stay on as Leader prohibited anyone younger from having such a chance and stymied the Democratic Party in the long run.

Oh, the ignorance an insouciance of youth!

Pelosi, in return, was quick off the mark, subtly implying Russert's sexism, reminding him that he always asked her  that question, but never Mitch McConnell. When Russert tried to walk back the remark, trying to include the male leadership of the House party, Pelosi eloquently handed him his ass. Watch below:-

Mamma smacked ass, but widdle Luke went crying to the cybersphere to tweet what he really intended to say but couldn't:-

Cantor and Ryan cited as examples of leadership? Paul Ryan went very well as the Vice-Presidential candidate, didn't he? Coming off, many times, as a liar, no less. Yes, Little Luke, that's real leadership. And while you're at it, whip up some speculation about Democratic internal divisions behind the scene, based solely on jealousy that a woman of a certain age is presiding over them.

Like Mitt and Old Man George, this boy ain't his daddy, and NBC ought to be ashamed of itself for even imagining that he was.

Friday, November 9, 2012

And Now It Starts Again from the Left

Yeah, Alan Grayson, Congressman with Guts, is back. Before you start cheering, he's back talking to the biggest mouth of all the Ratfuckers, Cenk the Stank Uygur, ex-Republican and the asshole who got handed his asshole for trying to appropriate the Occupy Movement.

Of all the firebaggers, Cenk was the one who was never without unsolicited words of "advice" for the President, always talking down and criticizing freely. When MSNBC gave him the boot Cenk whined and pointed his finger at the White House. When Alan Grayson got defeated (as a result of being outed by Anderson Cooper for using a selectively dishonest campaign video of his opponent), Grayson whined and pointed his finger at the White House.

Not even a week after the President was resoundingly re-elected, Grayson's started the criticisms again:-

What is truly alarming is the lies being propagated by both of these men. Cenk, I can understand. He's part of a ratfucking element of closeted neocons who infiltrated the Progressive Left and sought to sow discord and dissension the last time around. (Who can forget that infamous union of Jane Hamsher and Grover Norquist to stymie healthcare reform?)

Cenk is trying to do this again - appeal to the lowest common denominator of LeftWinger, someone so disgruntled at not having received his purple unicorn, that he's willing to believe all and sundry bad about this President. Cenk's brief is to continue doing that - and if he has to lie to do it, so be it. Just like Fox News from the Right.

The truth is that the President isn't going to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits. What he may very well do is raise the Social Security tax cap, which is reasonable, and the 700-odd million, billion or trillion whatever cuts proposed to be made on Medicare won't be from the benefits end, but from the unnecessary administrative and pharmaceutical costs - the stuff that financially benefits doctors, the little perks of their job.

So I really can't explain Alan Grayson's misinformation, except to wonder if it's nothing more than sour grapes.

This is the President's second term. He's got nothing left to prove to anyone like Grayson and less to prove to the Professional Left. Grayson would be wise to refrain from all the extracurricular television activity he enjoyed before and stick to representing his constituents. And let the President get on with governing the country.

After all, he is the President, and Alan Grayson isn't. And never will be.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Republicans' Lament

It's amusing that so many disgruntled (and ignorant) Republicans have taken to cyberspace to annouce that they were going to emigrate to Australia or Canada or the United Kingdom in the wake of Barack Obama's triumph.

Those countries have abolished the death penalty, believe in a woman's right to choose, recognise same-sex marital unions and all have socialised medicine. Oh, and God doesn't even come into their daily equations.

Once these Mittwits realise this, the words of this song ring true for them.

I'll Just Let Jon Stewart Say It

I was home at the end of September. In Virginia. Just in time for the first debate. I discovered cousins who'd formerly voted Democratic and who'd classed themselves as liberals, extolling the virtues of MittDom, making veiled racist remarks and telling me the Democratic Party had changed.

(No shit, Sherlock; where have you been for the past forty years?)

They'd exchanged MSNBC for Fox, and one even had a girl crush on Sean Hannity.

I wouldn't call them dyed-in-the-wool racists. One had acquired a well-off ex-military boyfriend, who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to me that this woman was shallow enough to follow her partner's political beliefs. Her sister, a zealous Mormon, is something else, and I hold her in suspicion.

Mostly, they, like everyone else in the US I encountered, sang from the same hymn book about the economy being so bad and they being so poor, all the while sporting six hundred dollar SmartPhones and driving SUVs. Come to Europe, I said, where I live, with high taxes and austerity and gas selling for the equivalent of nine dollars a gallon.

Bottom line for them: Barack Obama failed - not because he was a particularly bad President. (He wasn't). But because of the colour of his skin he was held at a higher standard and shown less tolerance. It's always easier to blame the black guy.

For them, I wish only I had the singular articulace of Jon Stewart in order to call out their stupidity.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around

Hey, Turdblossom, we all remember what happened in 2000 and how that panned out. We all know you should be rotting in a Federal prison someplace for having outed Valerie Plame. And now we all know that although you can dish it out, you can't take it.

Your guy lost, Karl, and Fox News called it. Furthermore, they called it just the way they called Florida in 2000.

By the way, whatever happened to that unbroken hegemony of Republican rule?

Karma is so sweet.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Race about Race

'Twas ever thus. I've said it from the very beginning, from the instant, in February 2009, when Arianna Huffington all but admitted her ratfuckery by using her rag to begin criticizing everything this President did as too much or too little. I've said it from the inception of the Tea Party, with words like "socialism" and "Marxism" and "Nazism" becoming new euphemisms for "black" or "nigger." I've said it since the publication of atrocious fake postcards showing the White House lawn transformed into a watermelon patch.

This is all about race.

It was bad enough that it was ill-concealed on the Right. The Left chose to exhibit their particular brand in the form of patronising pieces of "advice" given to the President, always unsolicited, by various celebrity pundits, ranging from the emotionally stunted Keith Olbermann to the naive Matt Damon. Some Leftist racism was unintentional - silly inadvertant remarks by Joan Walsh and poor attempts masked as humour by the likes of Bill Maher and Michael Moore spring to mind; others were just very bad examples of patronising white privilege.

Still, it was always easier to blame the black man.

My family has always been Democratic. And Southern. We didn't embrace the Republican party when the Democrats backed civil rights. We grew with the party. Granted, some relatives didn't.

I have a cousin who's a Mormon. In 2008, she voted enthusiastically for the President. This time, she's just as enthusiastic for Romney. I don't know how much of this has to do with "orders" from her church, but it sat very uneasily with me, when home last month, to hear her speak of the First Lady as "the BLACK woman," or to preface her conversations with "I'm not racist, but ..." which clearly meant that she was. And then I remembered a very heated argument, in the late 70s, between her and her older sister, the wife of an African American, about why the Mormon Church was so reluctant to admit African Americans as full-fledged members.

I have the same feeling each time I hear a middle-aged or elderly white person whine about "taking our country back" or being afraid of what four more years of President Obama would mean. It simply means that they are afraid that, having elected one black man President, that America could easily elect another. A glass ceiling has been broken. It simply means they are frightened at the eventual loss of Caucasian hegemony.

The Civil War ended in 1865. We lost. Get over it. North and South.

I listen in utter disbelief as the BBC's North American correspondent, Mark Mardell, all but licks Romney's ass in each despatch, whilst the BBC, itself, buys into the myth that Obama has failed and divided America with his policies - never venturing to say the "r" word. The British have their own incipient problem with racism, rising like a phoenix amongst their overpaid and overly ignorant sports stars; besides, a Romney victory would cement the myth they propagate about American stupidity.

Tonight will be a sleepless night for me, as I wait to see if Virginia bleeds red again - there's evidence that it will based on the number of Romney yard signs I saw during my last visit - and as I wait to see if the next four years means a Democratic Presidency or if I have to send my passport back to the Embassy in London with a message telling them where they can stick it.

Tomorrow morning, either I will have a country or I won't.

I'm scared.