Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lindsey and PawPaw Need to Look Closer to Home

Allen West was the living embodiment of a deliberately misinformed electorate choosing a woefully inadequate and unqualified representative.

This man should have been in Fort Leavenworth. Instead, for two years he reigned in the Halls of Congress. He likened African Americans to slaves on the so-called Democratic plantation and bragged of being the Republican Harriet Tubman who would lead them to the enlightenment of the Republican Party.

Thank goodness, prescient voters saw him for what he was and sent him packing to the plantation of his dreams.

And if anyone is willfully incompetent, maybe Lindsey Graham and PawPaw McCain ought to spend more time clearing out the dross from their own party rather than attacking members of the Democratic party over nothing. If they did that, maybe they might regain some feasibility and win some elections.

Allen West ... farewell, douchebag.

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  1. I think McCain's at the point where he has to call the cops to find his house. And West needs to move to Colorado and inhale the good stuff.


  2. I am so glad that Allen West lost. His main reason for being in Congress seemed to have been to use it to promote his own career interests by making up outrageous sh*t and running to Fox News to repeat it to the uninformed. I had a former student tell me on FB recently that conservatives were willing to vote for West and/or Cain to be the GOP candidate in 2012. This was supposed to make me think that the GOP is not a resting place for racists. What this young man doesn't know/understand is that some of the worst racism toward Black Americans comes from those like West, Herman Cain, and Alan Keyes. Another major mistake that some republicans keep making is their claim that Black Americans voted for BO because he's black. Nope, we didn't. We voted for him because his vision and plan for the country is more in line with ours. Had West or Cain been the 2012 GOP nominee, the percentage of the black vote they won on November 6 would have been similar to Romney's result. West was willing to pander to the RW nuts because he saw it as a way to gain entree into the GOP plantation where immigrant bashing, invading women's bodies, and praising guns fits right in with the bastardized version of Christianity the party pushes.