Friday, November 9, 2012

And Now It Starts Again from the Left

Yeah, Alan Grayson, Congressman with Guts, is back. Before you start cheering, he's back talking to the biggest mouth of all the Ratfuckers, Cenk the Stank Uygur, ex-Republican and the asshole who got handed his asshole for trying to appropriate the Occupy Movement.

Of all the firebaggers, Cenk was the one who was never without unsolicited words of "advice" for the President, always talking down and criticizing freely. When MSNBC gave him the boot Cenk whined and pointed his finger at the White House. When Alan Grayson got defeated (as a result of being outed by Anderson Cooper for using a selectively dishonest campaign video of his opponent), Grayson whined and pointed his finger at the White House.

Not even a week after the President was resoundingly re-elected, Grayson's started the criticisms again:-

What is truly alarming is the lies being propagated by both of these men. Cenk, I can understand. He's part of a ratfucking element of closeted neocons who infiltrated the Progressive Left and sought to sow discord and dissension the last time around. (Who can forget that infamous union of Jane Hamsher and Grover Norquist to stymie healthcare reform?)

Cenk is trying to do this again - appeal to the lowest common denominator of LeftWinger, someone so disgruntled at not having received his purple unicorn, that he's willing to believe all and sundry bad about this President. Cenk's brief is to continue doing that - and if he has to lie to do it, so be it. Just like Fox News from the Right.

The truth is that the President isn't going to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits. What he may very well do is raise the Social Security tax cap, which is reasonable, and the 700-odd million, billion or trillion whatever cuts proposed to be made on Medicare won't be from the benefits end, but from the unnecessary administrative and pharmaceutical costs - the stuff that financially benefits doctors, the little perks of their job.

So I really can't explain Alan Grayson's misinformation, except to wonder if it's nothing more than sour grapes.

This is the President's second term. He's got nothing left to prove to anyone like Grayson and less to prove to the Professional Left. Grayson would be wise to refrain from all the extracurricular television activity he enjoyed before and stick to representing his constituents. And let the President get on with governing the country.

After all, he is the President, and Alan Grayson isn't. And never will be.


  1. "GRAYSON 2016" - I can see it now.

  2. Grayson is in that seat because of President Obama's coattails. 2010 proved resoundingly that he doesn't have the chops to keep that seat on his own. If he keeps it up, 2014 will be another 2010 for him. Fauxgressives tried to shiv President Obama in 2010 and ended up spiting themselves and earning the distrust and *disgust* of many of us; they didn't have the power to stop President Obama from getting reelected whatsoever...their precious purists on the other hand...they better watch it.

  3. I guess they decided that someone had to replace Kucinich for throwing red meat to the fauxgressives.

    Seriously, he was deeply unpopular in his old district, mostly because he blew off the standard responsibilities of freshman Congressmen (constituent service), and ran round being a jackass to his constituents.

  4. This bullshitting about the 'grand bargan' by many of these position paper 'leftists' is why POC want nothing to do with these idiots. Not suprised in the least about Grayson revisiting his idiotic role as the standard bearer to 'progressives'