Monday, November 26, 2012

Truth Out

Truth is that the Republican Party were praying for the September 11 tragedy in Benghazi to play out at the polls in their favour. They were aided in that attempt by the good folk at Fox News.

It didn't.

And when it didn't, truth is the Republicans, headed by John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, all stomped their feet and blamed Benghazi on UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who's most likely to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. They solemnly declared that they would oppose Rice's nomination. Until General Petraeus and the CIA confirmed that Rice was using their talking points and they were mistaken. Oh, and the good Senators were aided by Fox News. Again.

So, the President's won a second term. Benghazi didn't faze voters. But now the Republicans want to turn this into the equivalent of President Obama's Watergate ... with the aid and assistance of Fox News.

Some people are beginning to smell a rat and call out Fox on their obvious bias ... to their faces. People like author Tom Ricks...

More people should be doing this. On Fox. Over to you, Democrats.

Truth out.

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