Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Make Rape ALL about Abortion

I cannot believe that a woman politician is seeking to make a rape victim a criminal if she pursues an abortion following a rape. This is another sleight-of-hand by the Republicans in their anti-abortion campaign - the fetus becomes evidence in a rape trial, so it has to be carried to term.

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They will never learn.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Republicans Prove Their Assholiness

When they could be tackling gun control or the deficit or coming together to write a budget, the Republicans choose to display their callousness, jealousy, misogyny and pure hatred in attacking the best Secretary of State in over a decade during her last days in the office.

Benghazi was a tragedy, but it was by no means on the same level as 9/11, and the relevant people accepted responsibility. General Petraeus, himself, in his testimony, took total responsibility for getting the intelligence wrong, but did these bozos give him half the hard time Hillary got?

No. Because Petraeus was, or had been, one of their tribe.

But Hillary held her own and individually handed each and every one of them their collective ass.

First, the little racist Libertarian Tea Party twerp:-

Next the Tea Party millionaire who, with the help of the Kochs and Citizens United, bought the Wisconsin Senate seat, defeating Russ Feingold. Here he is, still taking cheap potshots about Susan Rice. If this investigation isn't anything more than an expensive partisan hoohah that will cost the taxpayer a lot and accomplishes nothing. Hillary shows here how singularly higher her intelligence and experience is to this pleb:-

(Thanks to Jean Shaheen for subtly pointing out the lack of funding for security in diplomatic posts being down to the Republican House!)

Next up: The Latin Luddite with an eye on the White House. I don't even think these guys are listening to Mrs Clinton. This is just muscle-flexing meanness, and she makes them look small:-

And now Grandpappy Amos John McCain making frivolous remarks and accusations aimed at the Obama Administration. This is all Kabuki theatre for the Fox News fearfuls and Tea Party remnants who want their country back.

Madam Secretary explains to Grandpappy exactly what the fiscal problems relating to security were and where they originated. Watch McCain blow up like a frog.

(Of course, it's all the President's fault.Easy to blame the black guy.)

Same old same old on Capitol Hill.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Prescience of Neil Young

He wrote this song over twenty years ago. It perfectly sums up a Republican vision of America to which they'll never admit. What's shocking is that almost nothing's changed, Poppy Bush was President when this was written. Dubya made it even more a reality. Let's change all that.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The President Tells a Deadbeat That The US Is Not a Deadbeat Nation

Twenty minutes into the Presser and upChuck Todd gets owned.

Thomas Jefferson, who founded my alma mater always stressed the importance of the American people being served by a well-informed press (read: "media" in today's world). What does it say when a President of the United States has to explain how the three branches of  government work in relation to the debt ceiling and deficit debate to the people charged with providing the American people with accurate information?

It says a lot about our political media, stoutly embodied by the likes of upChuck.

It sucks.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Eric Cantor and I Agree on Something.

How 'bout them HOOS! Great win at JPJ last night against the Tar Heels.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Southern Commentator Hands Maureen Dowd Her Celtic Racist Ass

Once again MoDo, Joan Walsh's soul sister in hating on the President has written a column today which masks praising Vice President Biden's charming of the incoming Senators and their families, noting that the President "allows" Biden to do in the Senate what JFK was too "wary" to allow LBJ to do - but that wasn't a criticism from Maureen. She was forced to quote a Presidential historian, rather than admit a fallacy on the part of the sainted JFK.

Anyway, if you want to be truly angered again at Dowd's snide belittling of the President, you can do so here.

Dowd uses any opportunity to ridicule and demean this President. She was the first to name-call the President, dubbing him "Mr Spock." Of course, in this missive, Joe Biden is Captain Kirk - or really, the one who's really in charge.

And we know why she said that and what she's really saying.

Now that we've entered the Second Administration, hordes more people are stepping forth to call out the Maureen Dowds and the Joan Walshes for what their snideness really is, as evidenced by no less than a New York Times commentator from North Carolina:-

Of course, Joe Biden can go in and schmooze with those Neanderthal Republicans. Biden hasn't had to deal with the vitriolic racism that Obama has since 2008. I give Obama props for remaining level-headed in the face of such ugly and egregious racism. 

Usually, I like your columns but I am tiring of your characterization of Obama as too cool when it might be fatigue from racism. I don't expect you to understand racism but perhaps you should read some of the academic literature on racism and racial discrimination to better understand the toll it has on one's physical and mental health.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Strange Bedfellows

I'd like to dedicate the following to that vociferous political group of pundits and their followers known as the Professional Left, who - in letting it be known that they opposed the compromise which avoided the so-called calamity of the Fiscal Cliff - singularly decided to throw in their lot with the most pejorative of Rightwing nutjobs in our government, rather than supporting the President's enlightened pragmatism.

So, for all of you whining in the wake of the likes of Robert Reich, Paul Krugman and all the closet racist Kossaks and Firebaggers in the media and otherwise, please know that, instead of backing the President, you chose to back the likes of Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Eric Cantor, and the criminal Darrell Issa. I hope you enjoy the company.

This song's for you, suckers!

And you thought you were all kinds of clever!