Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Southern Commentator Hands Maureen Dowd Her Celtic Racist Ass

Once again MoDo, Joan Walsh's soul sister in hating on the President has written a column today which masks praising Vice President Biden's charming of the incoming Senators and their families, noting that the President "allows" Biden to do in the Senate what JFK was too "wary" to allow LBJ to do - but that wasn't a criticism from Maureen. She was forced to quote a Presidential historian, rather than admit a fallacy on the part of the sainted JFK.

Anyway, if you want to be truly angered again at Dowd's snide belittling of the President, you can do so here.

Dowd uses any opportunity to ridicule and demean this President. She was the first to name-call the President, dubbing him "Mr Spock." Of course, in this missive, Joe Biden is Captain Kirk - or really, the one who's really in charge.

And we know why she said that and what she's really saying.

Now that we've entered the Second Administration, hordes more people are stepping forth to call out the Maureen Dowds and the Joan Walshes for what their snideness really is, as evidenced by no less than a New York Times commentator from North Carolina:-

Of course, Joe Biden can go in and schmooze with those Neanderthal Republicans. Biden hasn't had to deal with the vitriolic racism that Obama has since 2008. I give Obama props for remaining level-headed in the face of such ugly and egregious racism. 

Usually, I like your columns but I am tiring of your characterization of Obama as too cool when it might be fatigue from racism. I don't expect you to understand racism but perhaps you should read some of the academic literature on racism and racial discrimination to better understand the toll it has on one's physical and mental health.

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  1. I've found, in my 60 years, Emilia, that there are some folks who don't need to be speaking/writing on certain topics--Dowd is one of them. She willingly ignores the racism that forms the basis of many republicans' objection to anything PBO says/does, and it's because she has always lived among the group of Americans who have never had to deal firsthand with racism, prejudice, bigotry, etc. She has taken full advantage of white privilege and it prevents her from opening her eyes and mind to the fact that not everyone in this country is treated equally, and it's not just people of color. It's also women, atheists, LGBTQ Americans, and many others. It seems that Dowd doesn't know PBO and VP Biden as well as she claims. It never entered her mind that they had a strategy in place before the VP went to meet with McConnell. Her take on the VP's negotiations with McConnell would have the uniformed thinking that he and PBO are estranged, when nothing is further from the truth. VP Biden came out of the negotiations with everything he and the president wanted.