Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Luke Russert Shows Why Nepotism Produces Twits

I was never the biggest fan of Tim Russert, although I acknowledge his legendary status (even though I was embarrassed and appalled at the "king-is-dead" treatment MSNBC gave him at his untimely death.

However, I was even more bemused at the sudden elevation of his then twenty-two year-old son, fresh from Boston College and an aspiring sports reporter, to NBC's Capitol Hill correspondent. I thought he was trite, amateurish and too immature and inexperienced for such a role. And, let's be honest, this was the most blatant piece of nepotism ever practiced by a major network.

It was bad enough, back in 2009 and in the wake of Joe Wilson's infamous "You lie" shouted remark, that in the gaggle of reporters shouting questions at Wilson, Russert could only shout out a question about college football.

Still, Russert has become a fixture at the network, and so he was on hand today to ask a question of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that was not only ignorant, it was offensive and ageist.

Russert thought he was Mr Smartass asking a question that implied that Pelosi's colleagues thought her decision to stay on as Leader prohibited anyone younger from having such a chance and stymied the Democratic Party in the long run.

Oh, the ignorance an insouciance of youth!

Pelosi, in return, was quick off the mark, subtly implying Russert's sexism, reminding him that he always asked her  that question, but never Mitch McConnell. When Russert tried to walk back the remark, trying to include the male leadership of the House party, Pelosi eloquently handed him his ass. Watch below:-

Mamma smacked ass, but widdle Luke went crying to the cybersphere to tweet what he really intended to say but couldn't:-

Cantor and Ryan cited as examples of leadership? Paul Ryan went very well as the Vice-Presidential candidate, didn't he? Coming off, many times, as a liar, no less. Yes, Little Luke, that's real leadership. And while you're at it, whip up some speculation about Democratic internal divisions behind the scene, based solely on jealousy that a woman of a certain age is presiding over them.

Like Mitt and Old Man George, this boy ain't his daddy, and NBC ought to be ashamed of itself for even imagining that he was.

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  1. Luke's idea of leadership could use some revision. We saw what happened when Ryan had to compete against his elders last month. If Cantor didn't walk with two legs I'd say he was100% weasel.

    Pelosi got a hell of a lot done as Speaker. If Luke wants to complain about old people in the way, he should look to that jerk off community called the Senate.