Monday, September 10, 2012

Republican Hugs

Charlie Crist, arguably one of the last reasonable and moderate Republicans, was hounded from the GOP by extremists. He's now endorsed the President and is campaigning with and for him as a surrogate in Florida.

Also, in Florida, a small businessman, owner of a pizza parlour and a registered Republican, rushed back from the golf course when he'd heard the President had dropped by his place of business. The businessman voted for the President in 2008 and plans to vote for him again this year.

Make no mistake: This is a small businessman. A Republican. In Florida. A swing state. (Remember how the Republican Party has pushed the lie about the President being no friend of business, especially the small businessman?)

To the Republicans, I've no doubt both of these men represent the worst form of Judas-kissing. I know from 2009, the GOP always painted Charlie Crist as a traitor, the way the Tea Party-turned GOP in Indiana did the same more recently to Dick Lugar.

But to the Democrats, these hugs are priceless and mean so much more. They mean that bipartisan consensus and approval can be reached.

These guys are backing a winner.

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