Sunday, September 2, 2012

The People Who'll Choose Romney

Last night Bill Maher gave us a taste of the sort of people whom filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi found to be attending the Republican National Convention as delegates. This makes for uncomfortable viewing:-

I am not kidding, peeps. These people are seriously scary, and what's scarier is they elect people just like them - people like Joe Walsh, amongst others. And these people will not only be responsible for electing a President, but choosing a Congress, the body who will make the laws a Republican President will be forced to sign.

If you don't think racism is at the root of all of this, look into these people's eyes. Most all of them are low-information voters, and for those with some sort of higher education, all of that knowledged is blinded by the fact that a black man legitimately won the Presidency. I'm actually surprised that there weren't packs of dogs roaming the streets of Tampa last week with the amount of dog-whistling going on at that convention. But these folks give you an idea of what to expect if Democrats don't vote. As the hateful religious lady said, economics and education don't matter, they want God at the centre of everything. They are so filled with hatred for this President, that they'd rather have a white non-Christian in the White House, and rest assured, Mitt Romney may be Mormon and his running mate Catholic, but it's these people's brand of Christianity and ethics which would be thrust down the throats of all American citizens.

Clint Eastwood became their standard-bearer this week, the angry old white man at the head of a legion of white people, old and young, who want a white country back. The creepiest bit about this entire montage was the very young child being indoctrinated with the subtly racist message that Obama (or any person of colour who hits the highest level) is "bad for America."

The Big Lie lives on. This is truly sad and truly scary.

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