Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ExPat Democrats Support the President. Professional Left, Suck THIS!

Two weeks ago, Democrats Abroad France held a "Voices for Obama" evening. The Democrats Abroad movement is very active in keeping expat Dems in touch an in alignment with each other and with what's going on at home.

I can't tell you the feeling of elation amongst us when Barack Obama was elected President - far more so than when Clinton bested Poppy Bush. It wasn't that we were idealists in the purist sense or that we were idealogues. We'd just lived, as Americans abroad, through 8 years of George Bush representing our country.

Seen from our distance and based on what friends and relatives Stateside say, the President is doing well - well within our expectations. We don't expect miracles. And looking at all the Prime Ministers, Presidents and Heads of State here, I can honestly say most European countries would rip their collective arms off to have Barack Obama as their chief.

The author, Jake Lamar, spoke eloquently at the recent Democrats Abroad France event. I'll leave him to explain to you in words we PragProgs should take to heart and in words that should make the Professional Left and their unthinking dittoes hang their head in shame.

By the way, when Bush was rampant, many Americans abroad denied their nationality and claimed to be Canadian. I never did. I'll bet Jake Lamar never did either.

Watch, listen, and learn, Professional Underminers!

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