Friday, October 21, 2011

More Southern Voices Contradict the Professional Left

Alan Jackson, Democrat, wrote a song two years ago about the effect corporations and their financed business entities were having on the rural and small-town South. It's very poignant and conveys a strong message:-

Jackson is from Georgia, a strong and lifelong Democrat, who admires the President. For the twentysomething know-it-alls who aspire to be the next generation of Professional Left Punditry - like David O Atkins, who hates the South and so has reinvented himself as a Californian, or Zaid Jilani, who hails from Jackson's state and claims to be a proud Southerner, but who refuses to address racism of any sort (because he's from the "Left" where it doesn't exist) - it's so nice to know they're carrying on the tradition found amongst the current elitist and exclusive Professional Left of terminal headupassitis.

That's a hattrick of Southern voices who've shouted out for the President recently - Toby Keith, Alan Jackson  and Kentucky's own George Clooney. Ms Wasserman-Schultz has got the makings of an army of Obots to march into the South and campaign for the President, if she chooses to ask them to do so.

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