Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keeping Up with the Racial Stereotypes

Really? President Badass, Bill? Because the President did what you reckon most angry black men do - go out and blow some otha mothafucka gangsta dude off the face of the earth. Only when you're the man in the big chair, why use a gun when you can use a drone.

And that's the President - correction, the BLACK President - you voted for, isn't it, White Boy Billy? A badass mothafucka gangsta from da hood.

And minutes later, you're calling him out for "caving" once again and saying he's like a substitute teacher on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Well, for the record, the only person I see "caving" is Bill Maher's sorry, pasty ass (have you ever seen him in person?) "caving" to the weakened President myth perpetrated by his plagiarising Mommy-figure, Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand. And if the President is a substitute teacher, Bill, you're Horshack oooh-oohing in the back of the classroom, but without Horshack's compassion and certainly without his intelligence.

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