Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nicely Nicely to Michael Moore: Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat

Michael Moore continues his quest to discredit the President (and I'm sure that's what this is all about, really).

After appropriating the Occupy movement as a means of plugging his latest book and appointing himself its spokesman, Moore flitted from OWS in New York and showed up in Oakland, scene of violent confrontations earlier this week between protesters and police. It was there a few nights ago that he sent out a subliminal yet strong (and very subversive) message, which promises to be the anti-message for 2012: "Don't vote. It's not worth it."

There followed, also from Oakland, an interview with eminent children's television presenter and cokehead BBC reporter Richard Bacon, where he accused the Obama Administration of being "heartbreaking" and "a disappointment."

DADT repealed, the serious beginnings of a healthcare system, the financial industry finally being regulated again, bin Laden killed (although Moore called it "murder") ... scores of other things, but to Moore, the President has been "heartbreaking" and "a disappointment."

Gee, Mike, we realise that you voted for the President because of his melanin and your white guilt. Deal with that.

Moore's been hanging around Oakland, because - for the moment - in view of the violence, the cameras have been there. Cameras seek out Moore - he's not easy to hide because of his bulk, and he seeks the cameras as much as they seek him. But he's been hanging about Oakland for a different reason - and he's jumped the shark ... but not before the shark reared up and bit a sizeable hunk of blarney-stoned blubber from Mike's fat ass.

On Tuesday, Iraqi war veteran, Scott Olsen, suffered head injuries as a result of the police brouhaha with the Occupiers. He was hospitalised at Highland Hospital and underwent surgery. Thankfully, his condition is stable.

But since Michael Moore is the self-appointed patron saint of these demonstrators and their movement, he assumed the papal duty of visiting - or attempting to visit - Olsen in hospital.

After all, he's Michael Moore. He's a star. Doors open for him.

But not this time.

I guess Michael Moore forgot that one of the basic precepts of medicine is a patient's confidentiality, and in forgetting this, Moore ran into the wrong hospital with the wrong administrator who had the right attitude.

According to the local ABC news affiliate, Moore had attempted to visit Olsen and was sent away with a flea in his ear. Furthermore, the hospital nipped in the bud any attempt Moore might have made to make something nefarious from this refusal, by going public with the reasons behind their refusal. Smart move.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for Highland Hospital told ABC7 News that Olsen, at the request of his insurance carrier, had been transferred to another undisclosed hospital.

The spokesperson also said documentary filmmaker Michael Moore tried to visit Olsen on Saturday. The hospital said the family has asked for Olsen's privacy and asked Moore not to try to visit Olsen and the hospital again.

"We have a very, very polite message to Mr. Moore: Mr. Olsen is not here," the hospital spokesperson said, "and if you do find out where he is, the Olsen family doesn't want you to come there either."

Reading between the lines (and this is only my opinion), the emphasis the hospital spokesman put on the "very, very polite" message leads one to believe that Moore's behaviour, on being given short shrift inside (and also other remarks made by the administrator - see video below), were less than polite. Moore has been known to be rude and to throw his substantial weight around (pun intended) to bully, whine and get what he wants in a situation.

It's also patently clear that neither Highland Hospital, the hospital to which Scott Olsen was transferred, his private insurer, and - most importantly - his family wanted Scott to be used as a tool for whatever quasi-political message Michael Moore wants to convey, especially when Scott's first priority is to get well, a condition necessitating a quiet and stress-free environment. In short, the Olsen family didn't want Michael Moore purporting to be Scott's mouthpiece just to further his own personal and professional agenda.

Like Bradley Manning's father, who sussed that the high profiled bigmouths of the Professional Left were using his son's circumstance to propel their own interests to the forefront, the Olsens stepped up and reiterated emphatically that Michael Moore was not to approach Scott Olsen. Not now, and certainly not when he's recuperating.

The video is a real gem, and thank GOODNESS, this hospital administrator sees beyond all the fetid crap being pushed by the Professional Left poseurs under the pretense of human interest and compassion.

How many times do I have to say it? Michael Moore has a book to sell!

There's a song for Moore in all this, sung by a man of his own physical proportions:-

Sit down, Moore, and stop rockin' the damned Democratic boat.

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