Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Too Far to the Left ...

My late great daddy, a diehard liberal, Southern Democrat and union supporter, always was careful to warn against going too far to the Left politically.

Go too far to the Left, he'd say, and you'll end up on the Right.

You want proof of that? Well, here's Ronald Reagan, very Leftwing Democrat, campaigning for universal healthcare, Harry Truman and Reagan's "good friend" Hubert Humphrey in 1948:-

Now here's the Gipper thirteen years later, in 1961, warning that Medicare will only result in evil socialised medicine:-

And twenty years after that, in 1981, resulted in an Inauguration speech, in which Ronald Reagan, neocon Republican, uttered the article of faith by which every Teabagger worships today:-

There you go ... Go too far to the Left and you end up on the Right. All politics is circular, and neocons are lapsed liberals.

Caveat emptor.

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