Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here Are Some of the One Per Cent

Where I come from, they'd be viewed with suspicion and thought of as foxes who got into chicken coops. And even though they vociferously claim to be on the side of the 99 per cent, they're doing so for a reason, and it's all to do with them. They've got a book to sell, ratings to boost, clicks to increase.

It's publicity. It's self-promotion. It's all about them and their brand and nothing about you.

Just remember. These people are part of the one per cent.

Earning $10 million a year definitely puts him into the top one per cent. Do you think he keeps all that nosh in the mattress? Educated privately all his life and hailing from a whiter than white sundown town in New York, do you honestly think he'd recognise a poor person if he saw one? Famously thin-skinned, he name calls the plebescite who disagree with him on Twitter. Sad, really.

He's on $5 million annually, owns a summer home in Nantucket and has two opinion shows one in syndication. No wonder he's laughing. Definitely one of the one-percenters.

A former corporate lawyer aligning with the masses? Another Republican turned Democrat? Or a ratfucker? Another multi-millionaire Brooks Brothers Ivy Leaguer who crosses the street when someone mentions the working class of whom he's never been a part. He's got a new television program to promote.

Poor little rich girl Katrina. Heiress to the MCA fortune and granddaughter of a mogul who relentlessly exploited African American singers for his own profit. Mouths platitudes about "the poor" but doesn't really know any poor people at all. By speaking of them, she's accomplished a goal. Everything she's ever achieved in life, she' either bought for herself or had bought for her, courtesy of a platinum AmEx card. A living embodiment of Oscar Wilde's precept of someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Her Imperial Majesty Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand. The most upwardly mobile Greek since Icarus. Or as my late Southern mamma would aptly say: Scrubbed up white trash. She bagged a billionaire oilman, dumped him when he was outed as gay (but not without a monumental divorce settlement) and then cosied up to the owner of AOL to get another corporate payout. Doesn't surprise me in the least that she's said nothing about this. There have been no support buses, no sandwiches, no messages of solidarity at all. People who believed this woman had changed in the matter of 24 hours from neocon to Progressive need their heads examined. Her daughters are debutantes. She' Mrs One Per Cent.

Are you kidding? His brother is Mr Wall Street. His earnings must be, have to be in excess of KO's and nearing the amount earned by MSM news anchors. He is a satirist, but he is, most definitely, part of the one percent minority controlling things.

A multi-millionaire by anyone's reckoning. Owns two properties in the Brentwood section of LA, each worth about $14 million dollars. Creative with his own taxes. Anti-union and pals around with PJ O'Rourke, Darrel Issa, and Bill Frist. Bows from the waist to Queen Ratfucker. Again, do you think he keeps his money in an ordinary bank?

And finally ...

The working class hero (not), who's never had a working class job in his life. The union supporter who refuses to hire union labor. The shareholder in major corporations who' playing a part in order to sell a book, thus promoting, whilst condemning, capitalism. We know now why he doesn't give the Boeing protest the time of day. There's a conflict of interest, in that he's a big shareholder in Boeing ... and Halliburton.



Just remember that it's important to realise who is genuinely on your side and who appears to be for their own personal reasons.

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