Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dennis the Menace

No, no, no ... not that Dennis the Menace. This one:-

Co-starring Nancy Pelosi as Mother and Harry Reid as Father and anyone you like as Mr Wilson. (At the moment, that's Bashir al-Assad).

Dennis is the type of Democrat to whom Bill Daley referred when he made his accusation that both parties caused the Obama Administration any amount of untold grief.

Gee - at the risk of sounding like Michael Moore - ya gotta wonder. There was Clinton who, like, totally barfed Welfare with a spoon. There was Clinton who, like, made the biggest cuts to Social Security and Medicare in the programs' history. There was Clinton who, like, said the era of big government was over. There was Clinton, who, like, approved DADT and DOMA. And there was Clinton, who, like repealed Glass Steagall ... and Dennis and the Democrats (sounds like a pop group from the Sixties ... cool, huh?) sat on their hands and said nothing.

And after everything this President has achieved - more than FDR or LBJ in their first term - and Dennis and the Democrats, bay-bee, want to distance themselves from the President.

More than that, Dennis and his lead guitarist, Peter DeFazio, not only want to primary the President, they want to impeach him. Or at least they wanted to impeach him, for a war in which we had no direct involvement other than minimal.

But you know, sometimes people with something to hide, make a lot of noise, hoping to deflect from their own situations, which - if discovered - would seem to be more than just a bit uncomfortable for them.

According to Al Jazeera (journalists who really do investigative journalism), one of their professionals made a wee bit of a nasty discovery when trawling through Gaddafi's abandoned compound in August.

On the floor of the intelligence chief's office lay an envelope addressed to Gaddafi's son Saif Al-Islam. Inside, I found what appears to be a summary of a conversation between US congressman Denis Kucinich, who publicly opposed US policy on Libya, and an intermediary for the Libyan leader's son.

It details a request by the congressman for information he needed to lobby US lawmakers to suspend their support for the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) and to put an end to NATO airstrikes.

According to the document, Kucinich wanted evidence of corruption within the NTC and, like Welch, any possible links within rebel ranks to al-Qaeda.

The document also lists specific information needed to defend Saif Al-Islam, who is currently on the International Criminal Court's most-wanted list.


Looks as though Dennis was liaising with Saif al-Islam, arguably Gaddafi's most civilised-acting son, and you'll recall Dennis was not only wailing about impeachment and waiving a pocket copy of the Constitution about during this time, he also initiated a legal suit against the President, for acting above and beyond his pay grade regarding Libya. But here this gets murky with Dennis.

The US, the UK and France, as well as the other allies involved in the NATO procedure, had all endorsed and recognised and were supporting the NTC. Not only is he looking to find Al Qaeda links and corruption within the NTC, which would, if nothing else, prove that the President had dropped an impeachable stinker, he was, our Dennis, sorta kinda consorting with the real enemy in order to prove to the world that our ally we were helping was really the bad egg, which would make the President look incompetent, which is what Dennis really, really, really wanted to do.

That way, Dennis would be a hero and maybe get to be President, himself.

But in order to achieve all that, first he had to help Saif al-Islam to get out of the pickle in which he found himself. Thing is, Saif really is the bad guy.

And that makes what Dennis is doing just a little bit treasonous. Even moreso since he's also kissing Assad's assad in Syria.

So, what I want to know is why is no one in the US media, much less the Professional Left, many of whom often champion a seven-term Congressman who hasn't managed to effect even one piece of legislation in that time, as a real Leftwing hero?

If any other Democrat had been caught in a dicey international situation like that, the Republicans would have been roaring the rafters down; instead this is what they've said:-

Exactly. Who wants to sacrifice a useful idiot, whom they'll only kick to the curb when the time suits them, just the way Mr (Joe) Wilson gives the real Dennis the Menace short shrift:-

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