Monday, October 31, 2011

I TOLD Y'ALL But Y'All Wouldn't Listen ... About the Professional Left and Ron Paul

Now we know! The biggest mouths in the Professional Left are pushing two subliminal messages this election cycle. You might say they have a contingency plan.

On the one hand, they're slipping in almost casual asides about how it's really not worth voting in 2012, as exemplified by Michael Moore and Bill Maher; but the plan behind the plan is something else.

For the past several weeks - and, in Maher's case, the past several years - the Professional Left has been dropping the name of Ron Paul surreptitiously into every conversation they could - never in a pejorative way, mind you, always about how positive a candidate Paul seemed as opposed to all the rest of the lunatics who've escaped from the GOP asylum to run for President this time around.

This Paulapalooza has increased almost threefold since these dedicated followers of political fashion fathomed that the only politician acceptable to their new gurus in the Occupy Movement is one Ron Paul.


Well, because Paul advocates legalising all drugs. He doesn't even want their sales regulated like alcohol and tobacco and taxed accordingly. If people want to kill themselves on recreational drugs, he says, that's fine with him, as long as they don't expect the government to pick up the medical tab.

Paul wants the Federal Reserve disbanded (and, with that, the financial industry completely free of regulation, but we don't push that part of it.

Paul says that America has an empire and advocates the return of all US troops stationed abroad. (Of course, he doesn't worry about how all these discharged military personnel would find employment in todays critical market. That's their problem.)He's even promised Dennis Kucinich a Cabinet position as Secretary of Peace - I guess that will be the new name for the State Department, so I guess a Paul Administration would sit tight with its chief diplomat cosying up to the worst sort of dictators as chums.

In short, he's saying everything the Professional Left and their aspiring and heavily influenced dittoes want a "true Progressive" to say. What's oxymoronic is that the selfsame people who praise Ron Paul, openly deride his Aqua Buddha son, Rand. Why? Rand and Ron stand for exactly the same things - which are a federal government the size of a bathtub, the disbanding of the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Commerce. They want FEMA disbanded too; and whilst the Pauls are all right legalising drugs and prostitution, they want to leave it up to the States to determine that abortion is not only immoral, they want to make it illegal also. And then there's the little problem they euphemistically refer to as "property rights."

And, of course, there's the Stormfront endorsement too.

This week on Real Time with Bill Maher, Paul's name entered the discussion again, as the only viable Republican candidate. (Feel the subtle push?) It was so "subtle" that Cornel West almost creamed his knickers and seemed positively orgasmic at the prospect of a Paul candidacy.

Odd, how Cornel argued bitterly with Ron Christie during the program, but was comfortable enough with Grover Norquist to blurt out that he (Cornel) was a libertarian too. (To quote Truthrose1 from Twitter, any self-respecting African-American who can support Ron Paul must want to be a slave again, but that might be true also for Cornel West, considering that he makes a pretty good living as the Radical Chic's professional Negro).

It shouldn't come as any surprise either that Bill Maher, who ditched the libertarian label when it became decidedly "uncool," is now cosying up to Norquist. He wouldn't be the first from the Professional Left to allow Norquist to warm the cockles of his heart. But then, this is the man who's far too friendly with the likes of Darrell Issa, Arianna Huffington, P J O'Rourke and Ann Coulter.

But still the dittoes who watch and laugh and buy Bill's comedian mantra keep allowing themselves to be herded even further to the Right, and then they'll wonder how they got there, just as I wonder who's paying for Cornel West's luxurious poverty bus. Is there some sort of dichotomous message in venturing into the poorest parts of America in First Class travel accommodation?

Just watch the excitement erupt with Ron Paul's name being mentioned:-

I am deadly serious. We're heading into home stretch time now right before the primaries, and a Ron Paul would run as well in Iowa as he would in New Hampshire or North Carolina. The way various of the candidates - Bachmann, Perry and now Cain - are crashing and burning, I could see a face-off between Paul and Romney, and Paul would pull out the nomination. Then you'd really have a meeting of hearts and simple minds amongst the Teabaggers and the EmoProgs, and that would be totally and utterly disastrous.

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