Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Playing for Laughs or Pandering

Bill Maher calls himself a comedian. So does Michael Moore. That's understandable for moral cowards.

Traditionally, the court jester could criticize the King as long as that criticism was done behind the mask of comedy. Today "comedy" gives otherwise serious people an excuse to lob petty, unfounded and otherwise cruel criticism at someone or something, always intending to be edgy, provocative, always intending to hit the mark.

However, sometimes when the mark is hit overly hard or something said is proven to be offensive, the comedian can put his hands up and say, "Look, don't take what I say seriously, I'm only a comedian."

All well and good, except people like Maher and Moore and even self-styled "pop historian" Rick Perlstein latch onto he comedy handle that enables them to say things that - were they the serious pundits/authors they consider themselves to be - would be totally unacceptable in polite society.

Especially regarding the President.

The President, you see, is their very own, personal Step'n Fetchit toy. He has to embody their idea of what a black man aspiring to lead the United States should be.

So when the President - well, acts like the President - in looking out for the country's interess (which aren't necessarily those interests of Messrs Moore, Maher and Perlstein), you get pretty venomous remarks - always, always cloaked in comedy.

Take dealing with the Republicans, for example. To these Three Stooges, the President is always "weak" or "spineless" or a "pussy." You know, they voted for the black man, but the white man showed up. Or on the rare occasion that the President is angry, they complain that he's "arrogant" (read "uppity.")

Well, these three starfuckers can just stew in their own juices, because yet more of their ilk are coming out in Lalaland in blatant support of the President.

In addition to the ones I've already listed here,
here, here and here, here are some real, established comedians - you know, "funny-haha" comedians who don't pretend to be anything more than just that, opinionating on the President, during the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour at the Kennedy Centre on Sunday night.

Here's Will Ferrell, who was the recipient of the award:-

Wearing a velvet jacket, Ferrell – who is known, among many comedic roles, for his impersonation of former President George W. Bush – told POLITICO that Obama has faced some unprecedented challenges. “Every president has a hard job but I think his is times ten,” Ferrell said, adding that he likes that Obama “thinks before he speaks.”

Saturday Night Live's Molly Shannon:-

Molly Shannon agreed that the president deserves more credit for what he has accomplished. “We have to look at the big picture, all of the good that he has done, and not be too black and white, too microscopic in our thinking,” she said.

And reinforcing a welter of debate that's raging now amongst a certain tranche of Progressive, here's Tim Meadows, reassuring the Professional Left that there is something to worry about:-

Obama is doing a “great job,” said Tim Meadows, another former “SNL” cast member. “It’s easy for white liberals to turn their backs on Obama,” he said, complaining that many people who used to support the president have jumped ship. “I don’t like how people are so wishy-washy,” he said.

Suck that one up, David Sirota.

And, finally, Jack Black:-

Not in the wishy-washy category: Comedian Jack Black. “There’s a lot of haters out there, but I’m not one of them," he said, declaring: "Obama all the way."

"I know that the economy is in the tank..." said Black, "but I think he saved us from deep catastrophe." Plus, Black added with a smirk: “[Obama] will have anybody killed. ... He’s not afraid to make that phone call.”

The last remark was pure satire. The sad thing is that some purists who present themelves as Progressives, when they're really nothing more than Koch whores in hiding (yes, you,Greenwald) would take him at his word.

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