Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ass, Meet Class

I miss me some football. I've had to learn to like soccer, living in the UK - only here, they call "soccer" football and football "gridiron." I'm blessed with having a British husband who likes sport and all things sporting, and I was blessed with a daddy who taught his son-in-law that "football" where we come from is the Washington Redskins.

Lord, how we have suffered; but for me, the absolute low, Redskins-wise, came back in 2008, when Hank Williams Jnr donned a Redskins' jersey to sing "McCain-Palin Tradition" whilst Madam was campaigning and snarking in Virginia.

After doing his level best to prove to all those high-minded, morally superior people up North and in the West, who want to secede the South again or who just want to leave us to stew in the juices of Hank Williams Jnr's low standards, ESPN moved swiftly to fire the Ass of the South:-

From CNN:-

The network parted ways with the country singer this morning in the wake of his comments on the Fox News morning show "FOX and Friends" in which he used an analogy to Adolf Hitler while discussing President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden playing golf with House Speaker John Boehner and Ohio's Republican Governor, John Kasich.

"We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams, Jr," ESPN said in a statement. "We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

I don't like to see football politicized. The only time I get to bond with one of my Rush-loving, Fox News-addicted cousin is when I go home and we commiserate over the Redskins. That's the only time he can really talk to his Democratic brother, but Lil'Hank's comments were so offensive, even Fox and Friends were rightly annoyed.

So I'm glad they fired him, but they say as one door closes another opens, and as Hank Jnr beats an ignominious retreat, so the door opens to the Left to reveal Toby Keith showing the Democrats a thing or two of how they can mix patriotism with Progressive ideas and come up trumps.

Keith wants millionaires, like himself, and corporations to pay their own way,claiming that it's unpatriotic not to pay taxes. He's called for regulated gun control laws. He's in favour of same-sex marriage and says anyone who wants to serve their country militarily shouldn't be denied the right because of sexual orientation. And he's from Oklahoma.

Let's hope Toby gets used by the DNC to carry the message he's preaching of "Hey, I'm all right with progress" to the South, and maybe we'll nail back a red state or two in 2012, whilst keeping the converts of Virginia, North Carolina and Florida blue.

And let's hope Hank Jnr fulfills a stated ambition to run for the U S Senate from Tennessee. As a Republican, of course. We might just pick up that seat for the Blue side as well.

So from the rising tide of blues here in the South, to our red brethren simmering alongside us, I give you ...



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