Saturday, October 15, 2011

The REAL Democratic Voice

Michael Moore, suck THIS!

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The autoworker in this clip is totally representative of the real base of the Democratic Party. We don't need to hear the barking, hectoring and shuckster-fuckster tones of someone who uses a family history of union involvement to sell his own brand of spin, whilst pointedly refusing to use any union labor on any of his film productions.

Moore does not speak for us.

He always manages to be just where the biggest crowds with the youngest, most naive voters, and the most cameras are. He showed up in Wisconsin, because that was an exceptional event. He avoided the Boeing strike in Washington because he owns shares in Boeing. He also own shares in Eli Lilly and Halliburton, yet there he is on Wall Street, purporting to be a member of and a spokesman for the 99%, while hawking his latest book, a gaggle of Forrest-Gump-induced memories which are largely unbelieveable, but push his image as a working class hero.

This assembly line worker in the red shirt is the real hero here. Moore is just one fat fraud.

Just reminding you that Moore was shouting out he fact that Bush and Gore were one and the same back in 2000, and telling everyone to vote for Nader.

So can it be said that Michael Moore enabled Bush? Well, I guess he did get an Oscar and make a lot of capitalist money from those 8 long years.

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