Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bill Maher Confronts Republican Hypocrisy ... But Not His Own

This was a good week for Bill. He likes it when the accomplishments achieved by the President show him as an angry Negro. It fits the stereotype of African Americans handed down to him by his parents. It excites him so much, that he never ceases to remind his audience that the President is black.

The colour of the President's skin, or anyone's skin, shouldn't matter at all. That's the ethos of the Left. As Bill describes himself as a "Progressive," then we have to assume, considering all the racist gaffes crawling from the Progressive woodwork lately, that the President's melanin is very important to Progressives like Bill.

Of course, next week might be a downer week in Obama-Baiting Land, so then Bill will remind the audience that the President is like Wayne Brady or Fred Sanford or that he's spineless.

You'll also note in the monologue that Bill taunts the Republicans who couldn't find it in themselves to recognise the President's achievement in having Gaddafi's death occur on his watch. He chides them for the constant criticism of over- or under-achievement levelled on the President by the Republicans, especially his portrayal as someone who can never do anything right and who invites their criticism.

Bill should look in the mirror, because he and his bumchums amongst the Professional Left have been doing much the same thing - so much so that it's recognised by most people who still retain the ability to think critically.

Don't think you'll hide your ratfuckery this way, Bill. And the gentalia reference was gratuitous too.

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  1. I believe has said he's a libertarian. Many of these so-called Progressives are really libertarians in Progressive-clothing.