Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bill Maher Shows What a Dumbass He Really Is

Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane are what they are: two privileged and affluent East Coast white boys, educated at Ivy League schools, who now live amongst the ueber Liberals in California.

They know everything.

Maher is particularly adept at pushing THE BIG (Progressive) Lie about the President - that he's a weak, spineless pussy who caves. Racist much? Honey, I'm a Southern girl, and I hear all kinds of houndogs baying at the moon when he says shit like this.

Leave it to a Brit and a former governor of a state whose economy, based on the auto industry, the current President almost single-handedly saved, to argue cogently and intelligently against the myths and wiseass talking points the Hollywood dilettant duo propagate.

The action starts at 5:30 into the video (which - for some reason - was uploaded backwards, possibly to avoid detection by HBO, who remove them); but if it's removed, you can watch the action here, courtesy of Mediaite.

I would say this is the second week, Maher - a known misogynist and probable racist - has had his ass handed to him by a woman politician.

He starts by listing "some" of the President's obvious achievements, but then starts the "caving" meme and harps about how the President betrayed the environment and the poor.

First of all, Maher shows he isn't capable of thinking outside the box. The President's decision in relation to the EPA was nuanced, if nothing else. The man is intelligent enough to know that there are more ways than one to skin a cat (apologies for the analogy) and that he'll employ other ways to lower emissions BEFORE this issue can be raised again in 2013 - hopefully, when his Second Administration is beginning.

But the poor? Again, Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane wouldn't know a poor person from a piece of cheese. Bill probably runs a mile when he thinks he sees one. Like Katrina "Black-Men-Have-Big-Dicks" vanden Heuvel, Maher pays lip service to the poor. He's smart enough to know that a lot of the poor are people whom Bill considers to be hillbillies and rubes, and he wouldn't be caught dead showing them any compassion. Besides, the poor have children, and Bill hates kids.

What's most annoying and indicative of his lack of perspective and basic common sense, is the same old same old arguments and talking points and the inevitable comparison with FDR.

Obama could have done this. Obama could have done that. He's caved on everything financial. He gives in to the Republicans. In the words of another well-known liberal scribe, !Yada yada yada yada."

I want to SCREAM.

Let's address FDR and the fabled Hundred Days. FDR was working in a time when the Republican party consisted of most of your scions of financial and industrial behemoths in the US. Really, Roosevelt should have been part of that set-up, but he was the exception to the rule. Apart from those guys dotted about the place, the rest of the country was B-L-U-E.

In the Senate alone, which then had 96 members, the Democrats had a majority of 71. And it's true what Gov Granholme kept shouting. From the very beginning, the President simply didn't have the votes. In fact, there was only a period of about four months - from the time Al Franken was belatedly sworn in as Senator until Ted Kennedy's death in August 2009 - that the Democrats had the fabled 60-vote majority, and two of those votes were Independents who caucused with the Democrats, and one of those Democrats was Joe Lieberman.

Do you understand that? Does Bill?

In the beginning, with the stimulus, there were 57 Democrats (Franken awaiting confirmation) and two Independents, lacking one vote from the magic sixty. But both Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were ill. That made 55 Democrats and 2 Independents. To pass the stimulus, 3 Republican votes were needed, which was why the stimulus amount was reduced - in order to entice Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter to cross the aisle.

Even afterward, with all the healthcare debate, as well as the Republicans, the President was fighting the Blue Dog likes of Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson, Kent Conrad, Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln.

Do you understand that? Does Bill?

As for the fact that the President "caved" on extending the Bush tax cuts, Bill needs to cop this truth: At the end of July 2010, before the August recess, the President summoned Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to the White House to tell them he wanted Congress to vote on repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in September before Congress adjourned for the Midterm hustings. He felt that this would be a good campaign point. Reid and Pelosi refused.

That's right. They refused. Reid was in a tight race, you recall, with Sharron Angle, and didn't want to anger wealthy fence-sitters in Nevada. If that weren't enough, Reid enlisted Russ Feingold - yes, Heavenly Father Progressively Pure Saint Russ Feingold - to plead his case. Feingold, reportedly, lobbied the President to leave off voting on the repeal of the tax cuts until after the Midterms, during the Lame Duck session.

That worked so well, didn't it? If you recall, the Republicans, high on scoring a major victory in the House and reducing their minority in the Senate, wrote a letter telling the President that they would refuse to consider any legislation during Lame Duck until the tax cuts were done and dusted - meaning extended.

The ensuing negotiations, with the Republicans simply refusing to budge, were anything but a cave on the President's part. Even ueber Rightwing sage and intellectual, Charles Krauthammer, despairingly admitted that. In fact, he called Obama's "caving", the Swindle of the Year, and berated the Republican party for allowing it.

I give credit to few Republicans, but Krauthammer's a real intellectual, and he's certainly smarter than Bill Maher for recognising that.

Not to mention a slew of legislation in that compromise, which helped the poor, about whom Bill Maher says he cares so much, Congress also managed to repeal DADT and pass the First Responders Health bill and the START treaty. Besides, the tax cuts were only extended for two years - until 2012 - making them fodder for the campaign cannon next year, if not sooner.

As far as the debt ceiling crisis is concerned, maybe Bill should realise that voting on raising the debt ceiling was part of the Lame Duck proposals too - getting that out of the way in the last days of a Democratic Congress - but Harry Reid pooh-pooed that idea, wanting to bring the vote to a head when it was due to be heard, originally in March 2011. That way, he reckoned, the Republican House could own part of the responsibility.

And how well did that work out?

Bill's another sudden convert to the unsolicited advice from the Big White Dog Clinton, in saying that Obama could just have invoked the Fourteenth Amendment, as blithely as if that were a certitude.

It wasn't.

This had never been done, and Bill Clinton was dishonest in making that assumption from the safety of the position of an ex-President. Something like that, untried, would have still resulted in a credit downgrade and the markets tanking; and it's arguable that it may have even been an impeachable offense. The Republican House, aided and abetted by looneytune Dennis Kucinich, wouldn't have hesitated to draft articles of impeachment.

Maher should be intelligent enough to realise that this particular Congress, both Houses and both parties, have abnegated their own legislative responsiblity - none moreso than the Democrats, variously whining about wanting the President to be more involved in their legislative work, and then, when he's forced to do so, whining even louder about being excluded from sitting at the big kids' table.

And as for caring about the poor, some noted West Coast politicos cared so much about the poor, that they were willing to let the tax cuts expire for everyone, see DADT still being haggled over and watch the long-term unemployed suffer, just for the appearance of having shown their balls to the Republicans. How big Peter de Fazio must have felt screaming "Fuck the President" at Joe Biden.

When Seth MacFarlane whines about the President "trying liberalism," he wants to study the history of the past fifty years, with the Birchers successfully infiltrating all levels of government and with the Democrats purging the poor and the working poor from their base, only for them to be used and abused as tools for the Republican Party. It's the President - if MacFarlane had bothered listening to the last State of the Union message - who's trying to bring the centre to the Left again.

Bottom line was Governor Granholme's solid truth: In order to help the President, Liberals need to get off their asses and get a more Liberal Congress elected.

Instead, that panel is being moderated by a ratfucker with race issues, who's actually subtly trying to tell people that it's not worth voting in 2012. That's right: that's the meme Bill's pushing - stay at home in 2012, because Obama has not Democratic principles.

Remember that Bill was one of the main people pushing Ralph Nader in 2000, saying Bush and Gore were one and the same.

That worked out so well, didn't it?

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