Monday, October 3, 2011

Ass, Meet Hole-in-the-Ground

As you know, I'm a big, big advocate against people in a certain geographical part of the United States stereotyping Southerners as dumbass racist Crackers who luxuriate in their ignorance and vote against their interests.

And then there's Hank Williams Jr.

Lord, Lord ... the fruit don't drop far from the tree.

This man is the walking embodiment of everything that's bad about the South. "Redneck" with a capital "R" (when he needn't be at all ... I wonder if it's an act?) And politically ignorant in the worst sort of populist way.

I can understand his cynicism against Congress, and I sympathise entirely with his less-than-poor estimation of elected officials. Yes, they all need to be replaced ...

But I stop dead short at any comparison of our President with Adolf Hitler. Really, Hank, that dog don't bark, but I'm hearing dogwhistles from 2009. And the last thing anyone in this country needs to hear is that the President is the enemy.

I can only think your history of drug-and-drink ingestion has addled your brain, but I've known too many like you to hope for anything better, no matter how much you lisp and giggle and flirt it up with Gretchen Carlson - who, by the way, was not impressed.

Kudos to Gretchen for totally disclaiming at the end of the interview that your assessment of the President was not in any way that of Fox News. (Memo to Joan Walsh and Salon: That's how you distance yourself from someone saying something distateful on your time).

After watching this, I now know what my late mamma used to say when she described certain types of fools as not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground.

What can I say? The boy ain't his daddy.

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