Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joan Walsh's Ambition

Depending on her mood and the circumstance, Joan Walsh is a New Yorker, a Midwestern girl from heartland Wisconsin or a real Californian from swinging San Francisco. Today, calls herself a Californian during the period when the late Harvey Milk was killed.

Hmmmm ... that was 1978. I was into my second year of teaching middle school in Virginia when I heard of Harvey Milk's murder. Joan would have been in her junior year at college in Wisconsin. Now that would mean that she's either a spurious liar or having a Forrest Gu-hu-hump moment.

Can we please run some doctored film to show Joan congratulating Harvey when he won his momentous election?

Joan is also black. She wants everyone to know that Irish Catholics are really black Irish, the result of North African sailors intermarrying with Celtic colleens. That demographic must include the Kennedys, so I guess JFK was the real first black President.

But wait ... my late maternal grandmother was an Englishwoman to the manor born. I remember her referring to all Irish people as "black Irish." In her youth, the servants in her parents' home were all Irish. She used to tell us that immediately a servant was hired, he or she was given a bath, after which the water would be black - hence, the phrase "black Irish" referred to personal hygiene, not any wishful notion concocted by Joan to distract from a palpable racist streak in her personality that's been noticed by too many people that matter.

Because Christianity isn't cool anymore, Joan's proclaimed that Catholicism hasn't anything to do with those horrible hayseed Christian fundamentalists. They just don't jive with the morally superior and culturally advanced Catholics. (Try telling that to Paul Ryan and Bob McDonnell).

Joan will do anything to be relevant, including elevate to hero status an anarchist and (as she's doing today) become a fangirl of Ron Paul.

It's sad that someone so intellectually shallow should be regarded as a political pundit. She aspires to be this:-

And only ends up acting like an adolescent girl whose crushes change from week to week, a bit like this:-

Pretty sad to think that Clueless Cher grew up to be a corporately-paid concern troll, huh?

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