Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feedin' the Firebaggers

This man is a university professor in Florida. He has graduate degrees. He is a Leftwinger who voted for the President in 2008 and when he didn't get his pony (in the form of single-payer health insurance), he turned rabid. If you think that the Rightwing has all the hatred sewn up, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Russ Firestone and his merry band of Firebaggin' Obama haters. This is his latest entry:-

TROLL ALERT! So far, I've encountered three Dembot/WH trolls on friends' threads in just the past 36 hours. You'll recognize them by the fact that they're all parroting the same verbatim talking points, which come from Jason Easley's column in the pro-Obama liberal blog The easiest way to get rid of them is to ask for a single citation from a lawyer or legal scholar -- not currently a sitting member of Congress or the Administration -- that supports their opinion. They won't be back.
It's no surprise that they're coming out in force to do damage control in the wake of Obama's signing of the NDAA and accompanying statement. So, as always, peeps: please don't feed the trolls. In fact, let's try to make 2012 a troll-free year. There's enough REAL shit to deal with. Thanks.

And if that's not enough:-

Cowardly and contemptible to the last, President Obama hid behind the glare of New Year's Eve rockets bursting in air to sign into law today the 2011-12 National Defense Authorization Act, better known as the Homeland Battleground Decree. His signing statement says he did so with "serious reservations". I'm sure that will comfort the thousands of Occupiers whose Twitter hashtags are at this moment being subpoenaed and surrendered to police around the country.
OK, breathe... I'd like to offer my calm and rational opinion of what this means, and what the most prudent present course might be. (None of which precludes the possibility, or necessity, of a messy revolution later.)

In terms of civil liberties for American citizens and resident aliens, the act serves largely to codify and consolidate Congressional approval of authority already claimed by the Bush and Obama administrations under the 1991 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and the 1973 War Powers Resolution, with the addition of certain criteria and options for detention. I’ve seen no persuasive legal opinions denying that it permits indefinite detention of our citizens and permanent residents, without charge, at home or abroad. As such, it directly contravenes habeas corpus -- a fundamental principle of our justice system and guarantee of citizenship -- and, along with other chilling implications, threatens our most basic constitutional rights.

The point to keep in mind for now, though, is that the majority of the detention policies spelled out in the new law have been theoretically “available” to the government since shortly after 9/11/01; and several provisions previously acted upon under the AUMF, which have now been carried over or modified in the NDAA, were challenged in the federal courts with some success. However, the most extreme measure -- the power to detain citizens indefinitely, without charge, for acts allegedly committed solely on U.S. soil -- has NOT yet been legally tested; but it’s certain to be the next time this or any future administration tries to implement it.

And that’s where the vague and expanded language of the new law, cobbled together for the first time in one place, can be viewed as a mixed blessing. This should finally force the courts to interpret and rule on the aggregate impact of its many overlapping constitutional encroachments, which up till now have been thrust on us by incremental authority-creep.

That said, make no mistake: the legislative and executive branches of our national government have collaborated on a script here that is dangerously similar to the 1933 Reichstag Fire Decree, which led to the creation of Nazi Germany's police state. But one crucial difference is that we’ve seen this movie before, and we’re not at all happy with the way the first one turned out. Therefore, we must mobilize behind a rewrite -- starting NOW.

Spot both the veiled racist code words ("cowardly" and "contemptible") coupled with the Nazi references. This person has no legal training, whatsoever, and all his life's bitterness is vested in the hatred of a black man in the White House. For the record, he is not Southern.

The hatred on the Progressive Left of the President is as palpable as it is on the extreme Right, and more perfidious, because, as you know, "liberals" aren't racists.

My ass.

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