Sunday, January 8, 2012


My late Democratic and Southern Daddy used to always say this about "class:" If you have to work to live, you're working class. Don't give yourself airs and pretend to be anything else. No shame in working.

Heretofore, Joan Walsh, like others of her ilk on the Professional Left, has always waxed lyrical about their main concern being the "middle class," and Joan always identified herself as thus.

Yet last week, when appearing on Ed Schultz's television program in order to "analyze" Rick Santorum's remarks about "blah" people, she admitted that racism was the means the GOP used to lure the white working class - "people like us" (Joan's words to Ed)- over to their fold.

I rarely agree with Walsh about anything, but I give her fair dues here. That's exactly what the Republican party did when the Democrats, forty years ago, effectively disenfranchised the white working class found in the South, the rural Midwest and the Rust Belt. It took them nigh on forty years to achieve full "re-education," hell - brainwashing - but results could be seen as early as the 1980 election and the advent of the Reagan Democrats.

But I want to know what Joan is? Is she middle class, working class or Professional Left? She lives in a trendy West Coast city, earns a better than average wage and gets caught from time to time dog-whistling and race-baiting, herself ... and she's on the Left.

Here's the segment:-

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