Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Uncle Tom, Not Tubman

I'm talking about Allen West, the war criminal who, instead of hanging out in a cell in Fort Leavenworth, hangs out on Capitol Hill. Hark unto his latest bilious message of hatred and division:-

Just think, all y'all who stayed at home in 2010 and sulked out the vote just to "show Obama," this is what your actions got you: a politician whose hatred of the Democratic party is so visceral that he doesn't invite, he demands that the Democrats and their supporters simply take their message elswere - specifically out of the United States of America and, preferably, to hell.

Nice one, especially coming from the man who, ironically, lives in a town called Plantation and who refers to himself as a modern-day Harriet Tubman, leading African-Americans off the Democratic Party's "plantation," and likening such people as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to "overseers."

But then, this is the same "honourable gentleman" who referred to fellow Floridian and serving Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz as "the most vile, despicable and unprofessional member of the US House of Representatives", and who disrespects her, the President and every American who is a member of the Democratic Party by following Rush Limbaugh's lead of referring to the "Democrat" party.

This man's hatred is palpable, and considering the fact that the vast majority of African-Americans have politely turned their backs on the request that this military, misogynistic Moses lead them from what he regards as their servitude, I'd love to ask him where the hell he'd be finding himself had the Democra-TIC Party not ensured that the Civil Rights Act were passed. I guess he really does prefer pallin' around with those old turncoat Dixiecrats-turned-Republicans and all their children and grandchildren who still live on the real plantation and think him such a good and faithful Negro.

Ralph Nader regularly calls President Obama an "Uncle Tom." He obviously hasn't met Allen West, Uncle Tom on hate steroids.

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  1. Hmm.. amazing that a man whose entire life has been spent on the government dime, who owes his education to "socialist government spending" and currently enjoys a pension and free healthcare has such a hatred for "government."