Friday, January 27, 2012

Bill Maher Hopes You'll Forget What He's Been Saying for the Last Three Years

Bill Maher's got a man crush again. On the President. Again. All of a sudden the President is his hero. Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, he waxed lyrical about the President, and how he's the one source of reality in a world of politics gone mad. He's full of Obamalove again, and he thinks the President can beat Mitt Romney in November.

This is all damage limitation. Bill knows exactly what he's been saying about the President, or "Barry," as he sometimes, derogatorily, called him during this period. He also knows that many of the people who sucked on his words like oxygen during the Bush Administration, suddenly sat up and took notice of some of the vile, outlandish and totally untrue things Maher uttered about this President.

The President can win now, Bill has decreed, hoping that people won't remember that he's called him a wussy and that as late as last September, he was subtly insinuating that people shouldn't vote. As late as last October, he was calling the President a liar for failing to close Gitmo (ne'mind, it was Congress and the Democrats who effected that fiasco). And as late as November, he was insisting that Mitt Romney could certainly beat the President, and in the presence of his good friend, frequent guest and convicted felon, Rep Darrell Issa.

Now, as the Cockneys say, it's a completely different kettle of fish. Maybe Bill realises that all of his sayings and doings as a graduate of the Arianna Huffington School of Advanced Ratfuckery are here on the "internets" for all to see and to fact check. Or maybe he realises that people just aren't so stupid as he would like his arrogant minions and herd-followers to believe. Maybe Bill's scared that, should the President lose, as a member of the Professional Left, he might be held responsible.

Watch Bill's political Moon Walk backwards over his undermining of the past four years - the best and most ironic bit is when he refers to the Republican debates as being like the television show you watch and love, until it jumps the shark and then becomes a liability to your taste - a bit like Real Time :-

For all that luscious, fulsome praise, Bill still cannot manage to extricate his head from Ron Paul's posterior portion, clinging to this vicious, old racist homophobe disguised as a folksy, old country doctor, because he wants to legalise the weed Bill gets via medical prescription and effect a program of isolation with regard to what would be non-foreign policy.

And like all Paulbots, Maher insists that Ron Paul is honest, something which The Washington Post, today, proved to be a dubious assertion. Maher says that there are many things which Paul advocates, which make him uncomfortable and with which he doesn't agree. Amongst those things, he cited the gold standard and Paul's ideas about healthcare. Apparently, Ron Paul's racism, or his opportunism in promoting racism and homophobia in order to make a quick buck, doesn't bother Bill Maher in the least.

Well, it takes one to know one, I suppose.

I leave Bill, and the rest of the celebrity talking heads of the Professional Left, with this prescient song to ponder:-


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  2. Emilia, you are giving Maher too much credibility. After all, he is a comedian by trade and I'm sure he will have no problem admitting that fact. If president Obama does not get re-elected the whole blame will fall on him and the american people, not Bill Maher. Bill, Jon Stewart and Colbert will continue to ridicule the conservative GOP agenda no matter who gets elected. The fact still remains that many republicans vote against their own interest without having a clue whatsoever. Let the comedians continue to make me laugh forever and ever:)

  3. A lot of these so called pundits behave as if voting for PBO is a favor to him personally. It's a game to them since they won't be affectd either way. Others are just stupid.

    I heard Norman Goldman ranting on the radio about how PBO gives a good speech (re. SOTU) but that he has sold out. He was repeating every RW talking point. The Repubs were calling in and agreeing with him and he was as pleased as punch. I sent him a tweet that he was one of the dumbest ppl on the left.

    You may recall that he and Ed Schultz were among those telling ppl not to vote in the midterms but began screaming at PBO to march in a picket line in Wisconsin after ppl took their advice. Ed at least has some redeeming features but you won't find a bigger ass than Norman Goldman unless you pull down Newt's underwear.

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  5. Bill changed his tune when Obama started getting combative with the Republicans. It's as simple as that. Obama tried way too hard to cut a deal with the Republicans. His change in tone was way overdue.

    And no, Bill is not a Ron Paul guy. Ron Paul is not a crazy isolationist. He believes a bunch of crazy stuff but it's mostly his domestic policy that's nuts (in every way). However, he's giving people a real, but unpopular, perspective on how to fix our foreign policy. All the other candidates are neocons and war hawks.

    1. Our type of government is based on compromise, and the sole reason the President had to cut deals with Republicans is simply because we only held the magic 60 votes in the Senate for 6 months in 2009. The President executes laws made by Congress. A lot of people don't realise that. Bill Maher does, but he panders to the lowest common denominator. People like Maher spent the last 3 years systematically undermining this President when they could have done much more to bolster him. A lot of this criticism is underlying racism, and Maher is as racist as he is not a liberal. Show me any Progressive who is anti-union and pro-Death Penalty and I'll show you a GOPer. And please, it's PRESIDENT Obama. Show some respect.

  6. It would be ok for Bill to make this kind of 180. The problem is that everything he's said has been recorded.

    1. The problem is that people aren't as stupid as Bill thinks. People who actually listen to him realise that, not only does he speak in generalities, he quite often contradicts himself.

    2. You're right on that note. The SOTU forced him to fly right. Any criticism at this point comes from a desire to see the man fail. It's been like that from the beginning(over 98% of the time). Sully's article had a hand in that as well. To attack the Pres after that article is proof that something is wrong with the attacker. Bill had no choice but to go chameleon. Those people have committed themselves to lying. Bill doesn't think he has to pay.