Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hearsay Is Inadmissable Evidence

First Lady Michelle Obama addresses Jodi Kantor's gossipfest newest book of "revelations" about White House life:-

People are astounded - astounded, I tell you - that the First Lady is aware that some facets of the media et al have sought to portray her as the stereotypical "angry black woman." I'm glad she brought this up. The blogosphere and just about everything else within earshot or eyeshot has someone saying something pejorative about the First Family, and that includes people on the Left as well as people on the Right. Friday night Twitter was bursting with Joan Walsh eagerly pushing snide remarks about Robert Gibbs, allegedly, getting revealed as the asshole the Professional Left had labeled him when Kantor's book "revealed" he had cursed out the First Lady. At one point, Walsh wagered that Michelle was, herself, a real paid-up member of the disgruntled Progressives' club. Why, I'll bet she even wanted Hillary to get the nomination!

Why is everyone aware of the First Lady being aware of things of this ilk that are said about her? She's not stupid. She's a strong, intelligent woman who is prescient enough to realise what various tranches of the public are like, without having either to be told or protected from this sort of crap.

In case people haven't been paying attention, she's already remarked, to Oprah Winfrey, no less, that the President isn't a dictator, and as recently as last month, she told Barbara Walters that she disdained people who were unable to compromise. That was a pointed jab at the Left as well as the Republican fools on the Hill.

In that same interview, the President asserted that he wasn't "detached or Spock-like" (are you listening, Maureed Dowd?). So now we know that the President is aware of all the cack that gets put into circulation about him as well. Well, of course, he is.

In the same bitchy Twitter exchange on Friday, Joan Walsh cackled that she bet she could tell who wore the pants in the Obama family - yet another sideswipe at presenting the President as a weak, indecisive and timid male, in over his head in a job for which he's totally inadequate. And everyone knows that if a black man isn't angry John Shaft, he's shuffling Step'n Fetchit, afraid of his own shadow. Or as Ralph Nader would put it, an Uncle Tom.

The First Lady couldn't, rightly, address these issues. She knew why she couldn't - it would fuel the continuously burning fire of lies about the President's weakness. Just as unreconstructed PUMAs would smirk about him hiding behind Hillary's pantsuits at the State Department, they'd like nothing better than to waggle their tongues about Michelle calling the shots in the show.

She knows her husband isn't weak, and she knows exactly what's been being said about her family, the President, his actions; and she knows exactly why such things are being said.

As someone on my Facebook page said, not one of the Obamas nor anyone significantly close to them were interviewed for this book, which makes most of the information recorded little more than idle gossip.

Myself, I think I'll wait until around 2017 or 2018 when Michelle's written a book of her own about her White House years. I hope she pulls a lot of punches too.

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  1. It's interesting that they say the President is weak. I remember their reaction when Rahm Emmanueal said they were a little slow. Or how they lose it whenever Obama tells them about themselves. Their act is tired to me. I wish there were someone that was mean enough to call a spade a spade on tv(not an elected official).