Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sex, Lies, Videotape and Obama Derangement Syndrome

On Monday's show, Ed Schultz chose to concentrate on the unduly high level of open abuse various operatives of the Republican Party are heaping on the President now. His guests were Melissa Harris-Perry and James Peterson:-

Several points to be queried here:-

1. Why does every Chairman of the RNC inevitably look like a sex criminal? Mind you, Reince Priebus not only looks like one, his name sounds like a sexual disease.

2.I agree with Melissa Harris-Perry. Priebus shouldn't apologise for likening the President to the perpertrator of a criminal act - in this case Captain Schettino, not only a criminal, but the ultimate coward, who abandoned his ship and its passengers in favour of his own safety. Such an analogy only serves to make the Republicans look like angry, sour-faced, cold-hearted bastards, with more than a smidgeon of racism thrown in.

3. I agree with James Peterson. Who the hell is Allen West? I'll tell you: a coward. West is the prissy, little kid who stood behind the fence shouting insults at various people passing, but when confronted by someone challenging him, he would either walk back what he said or run. Peterson thinks West should be called out, invited to debate his points and be challenged. He won't respond. What I would say to West is basically this: if you have a point to make, make it; and remember ... you were supposed to be an officer and a gentleman, and now you're an honourable gentleman, duly elected to serve your constituents, Republican and Democrat. Imagine how comfortable your Democratic constituents would feel having to contact you with a local problem? And as for the "gentleman" part of your job description, past and present, if your commanding officer never told you, if your daddy never told you, then your mamma sure as hell should have told you that you don't slander a lady the way you've slandered Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And finally, if you reckon you're the man to lead African-American Democrats off the DemocraTIC plantation, then shut the fuck up trying to sound like a sassy slave talking to the white folk. Memo to Congressman West: Sarah Palin is not Miss Scarlett, and you are not Big Sam.

Later in Ed's show, he hosted that old Professional Left nemesis Joan "I-Resent-Black-People" Walsh, who - just seven months ago - was reckoning that all vociferous supporters of the President were Republican trolls paid by Andrew Breitbart.

Now at virtually the eleventh hour, Joan - like a lot of others of her ilk - seem to be walking back a lot of their own Obama hatred, which got to be more than just a bit vitriolic, especially during the last two years. Of course, Joan had to blog about the treatment of the GOP's treatment of the President (whom Joan now refers to as "a decent guy").

I don’t agree with every move the president has made. But I think the more Republicans try to demonize him, the more most American voters will see the difference between the GOP caricature and the man they’ve come to know. I get more pro-Obama with each vicious anti-Obama attack. I’m sure the rest of his base does, too ... Has there ever been a more decent, upstanding, all-American president, with his dog and his family and his Apollo Theatre song solos, treated more shamefully by his opponents? I’d be more horrified by the abuse if I wasn’t sure it was backfiring.

It's 2012, an election year, and there's a President who's running for re-election who's been vilified mercilessly by his own side as much as by the opposition; and whereas the opposition has been led cock-a-snoot by Fox News, our underminers have the Professional Left, who've suddenly awoken, smelled their designer coffee and realised that a lot of the pushback from people they've blocked from their blogs, twitterfeeds and Facebook pages is resonating -hence the new dance known as the Professional Left Moon Walk.

Lest you think we've forgotten, Joan and Ed (and, yes, Ed, you've done your fair share of undermining mischief too), we haven't your words of wanton criticism, your dog whistles and your whining.

Here's a tune by which to practice your Moon Walk dance. Enjoy:-


  1. No self awareness.

  2. What I really really don't understand is why Miss Joan is so often called upon to comment on racial matters. THAT drives me crazy.

  3. Exactly what I truly really do not realize is the reason why Skip Joan is really known as on in order to discuss racial issues. WHICH hard disks me personally insane.

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