Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bill Maher's First Show

Bill obsesses about Marines pissing on Taliban corpses. Of course, he later defends the Marines. He makes the audience really believe he's a Progressive. He's not. He's a ratfucker, and like others of a certain type of Progressive, he refuses to address the President by his title. A sad, repressed overgrown kid who gets his kicks from dirty words.

First part of the panel: Watch Bill morph into Dana Loesch. Now tell me this guy is a liberal or a Progressive. An interesting perspective - all of the panelists are Jewish. Bill shows the President no respect, and pushes the meme of the President being just like Bush. Good for DWS - she explains the NDAA, when Bill tries to push a lie. Again. And the Ron Paul shit.

Panel 2: These people being interviewed in South Carolina ... why are none of these people Southern? Oh, Bill's giving some Gingrich love now? Pimping for Arianna?

Panel 3: On Mitt Romney. Wasserman-Schultz interjects on Gitmo. Great. And never giving the President credit in the editorial. Anyone as homophobic as Rick Santorum (or Bill Maher) is gay.


Debbie does it again, but look at Maher - he will not give the President credit for anything.

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