Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dissecting the Concern Trolls

Jodi Kantor's book has brought a legion of concern trolls out from under the bridge they occupy at MSNBC:-

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Chris Matthews, whose most recent assessment of the Obamas is that the President is arrogant and the Obamas, themselves, are aloof and ungrateful for being given the opportunity to live in the White House ... Ed Rendell, an unreconstructed Clintonista, whose dream is to have Hillary run in the 2016 election ... Joan Walsh, who's spent the past six months, desperately trying to atone for an unguarded confession that reeked of closet racism and further dug herself deeper into a hole by identifying her liberal credentials via naming Melissa Harris Perry as one of her "black" friends ...

A veritable Master Class in Concern Trolling 101.

Who can profess more love for the First Lady? Matthews wants a whole hour-long interview with her. Rendell waxes lyrical on how much she inspires. Walsh identifies her as the Progressive force behind the President.

"She has his back and we have hers."

Really, Joan? Seems to me, that we actually elected the President and Mrs Obama - like Mrs Bush and Mrs Clinton and Mrs Eisenhower and Mrs Lincoln - all came along for the ride as part of the package. We support the man we went to the polling booths and chose. It's sad that Joan can't bring herself to give real credit where it's due.

Instead, she has to further the notion of a Prissy Presidency, with Michelle Obama taking on the role of First Mammy to the President's weak and feckless Prissy.

But then again, that's concern trolling for you.

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