Friday, January 13, 2012

Republicans Whistlin' Dixie

There's nothing Progressives, specifically Left Coast Progressives, hate more than their stereotypical ideas regarding the South and Southerners. We are Deliveranceland. We love our guns more than out mammas, and we love us some States Rights. When we die, we're wrapped in a Confederate flag and meet our Maker to the strains of "Dixie."


Today, it's the Republican Party who preaches States' Rights and the 10th Amendment. Those were the clarion calls of the South ... way back ... oh, in 1860, if I recall correctly. (Not that I was there or anything). But, Lordy, to hear Republican candidates speak of States' Rights and their importance, to hear them adopt Ron Paul's agenda of "property rights," and to hear at least two candidates remark that the election of 2012 will be the most important one since 1860, well ...

Just listen to two Southern liberals assess the peculiar problem the Republicans have of wanting to take us back to the future. Remind me when I'm home in Virginia in March to look out those old hoop skirts my great-great grandmamma wore. Something tells me, I'm going to need them ... Can George Clooney be Rhett?

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