Sunday, January 8, 2012

Like Flies Flock to Faeces

The Birthers are back. Indeed, they never went away. They just slinked off into the mire someplace to fester in the heat until they reckoned it was cool to come out and stir the cack some more.

It seems they're petitioning the State of Georgia for the President's name to be removed from the ballot for the state's primary, which is to be held on March 6. The reason? Insufficient proof that he is a natural-born United States citizen, of course. (Well, you didn't expect them to say he was black, did you?)

Seems the long-form birth certificate isn't good enough for these people; whatever the reason, a Georgia judge has agreed to give them their frivolous day in court, at the taxpayers' expense ... so that must be the President's fault as well. And the Georgia Secretary of State, who has the final say in authorising who can and can't appear on a ballot just, coincidentally, happens to be a Republican, dontcha know? A Republican whose daddy and granddaddy probably were Democrats.

Here's the news report of the story that just won't go away:-

Now, I know this is Georgia. And I know it's the Deep South. And I know that Democrats are sparse on the ground there. And I know Lester Maddox with his pick handles was a Democrat too. But listen to the voice of the man who's fronting the suit.

Sorry, darlin', but that ain't no Southern accent. This man is, what Miss Scarlett would deem, a Yankee. After all, this is Atlanta, the metropolis of the South. As people flock North to New York City, so many flock South to Atlanta - cheaper property, cheaper cost of living, better weather ... and so on.

There are as many people in the North of these United States who hold a fish-eyed view of a black man breaking the glass ceiling and becoming President as there are in the South, and for the record, not all Southerners are racists. And contrary to the opinion of an Alternet and Salon writer eating his way through the Deep South, the vast majority of Southerners are not in denial about slavery. That's an unfortunate part of our heritage, which we recognise with regret and seek every day to atone for that most grievous sin of our forefathers - at least most of us do.

The South, after all, elected the first African American governor of a state. Yes, history revisionists, Virginia elected Doug Wilder long before Massachusetts had ever heard of Derval Patrick and long before Patrick had even graduated to long trousers. And, in case the Salonistas haven't noticed, Barack Obama carried Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. Last time I looked, those states were Southern. Mississippi has the largest number of African Americans in elected office than any other state, and its Democratic candidate for governor this year is an African American.

Are there still racists in the South? Of course, but there are also racists in the North, of various varieties. After all, just as many Northern states are trying to exclude minorities from the voting booth as there are Southern states doing so.

Not long ago, on the Twitterz, I got into an argument with someone who styled himself as a Progressive from Indiana. In between his rants about Mitch Daniels, he kept asserting the astonishing claim that all Southern Democratic politicians were and still are racists, even going as far as lumping Tim Kaine in the Rick Santorum mold because they share the same religion. He tried to paint Kaine as pro-Life (he's not), but couldn't respond coherently when it was pointed out that most Catholic Democrats - Pelosi, Cuomo, Joe Biden and the Kennedy clan - personally - are anti-abortion, but believe that a woman should have the right to choose.

It cut no ice with this "open-minded" individual, and he still persisted in proclaiming that all Southern Democrats - all of them - were racist. So, cop this group of prominent racists, please:- Mark Warner, James Webb, Kay Hagen, Tim Kaine, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Chuck Robb, Lynda Johnson Robb, Rosalyn Carter, Bill Nelson, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Julian Bond, John Lewis, Jim Clyburn, Douglas Wilder ...

Make sense?

Of course not.

I would just like to say, not just to the transplanted Atlanta Yankee fronting this insulting lawsuit, but also to the Indiana "Progressive" and all of that ilk, either still up North or eating their way across the South, just this: The damned Civil War ended in 1865. We lost. Get over it. We have.

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  1. It always was a mystery to me how the two parties kind of swapped a whole chunk of their base and ideology. it's a frequent republican provocation to maliciously talk as if the southern strategy never happened and the democratic party was "the liberal plantation party", when in fact the pro-segregation dixie-crats were part of the conservative coalition, and their heirs all proudly wave the republican flag or tend to vote with republicans in congress.