Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Racism Is the New Black

Lawrence O'Donnell, Goldie Taylor and Michael Eric Dyson take down the GOP's dog-whistlin' with a few unpalatable home truths:-

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The welfare references Newt and others use know no racial boundaries now, and it's wrong of him to insinuate something so snidely.

But just as Lawrence O'Donnell and others on MSNBC call out this perfidious behaviour on the Right, when are they going to grow a pair and call out the obvious racism on the Left, as indicated below:-

At least tell this truth about this woman: That she's long been known to be a disciple of Newt.

It's one thing for Newt Gingrich to play these games. He's the opposition, he's using whatever (despicable) means he can in order to get the nomination. But you have to ask yourself in that case, what the hell Arianna Huffington is trying to prove?

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