Sunday, January 29, 2012

Someone Is Lying and It's Not the President

Dr James Peterson, Professor of English at LeHigh University and a guest on Ed Schultz's MSNBC show last week, absolutely and accurately described Jan Brewer. Contrast her analysis of the 2010 White House meeting on immigration that she had with the President, only moments after it happened, to her description of it later in her book, which prompted the kerfuffle on the tarmac.

It's all on film and referenced here in Ed's interfiew with Dr Peterson:-

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Apart from the obvious racism and Jan Brewer's ugly history in dealing with the issue of illegal immigration in Arizona (headless corpses on the border and all that), as Dr Peterson points out, she's selling a book. In other words, grifting.

Kudos to the professor as well, for referencing the fact that many on the Left do much the same when they are pimping out a book. Or have we forgotten Michael Moore, his appropriation of Occupy Wall Street and his subtle insinuation to the Left not to vote?

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  1. I've said that she's grifting from the very beginning. She fell right into the "big black man poor defenseless white woman, I'm the victim here" mode right afterwards and book sales to the usual crowd shot right up.