Sunday, January 15, 2012

Call Out the Liars! Michael Moore Lies!

I call bullshit, and I call ratfuckers and Firebaggers, whose sole agenda, like the Republicans, is to see this President fail. I call them as the closet racists they are, because, to me, there can be no other agenda to their hatred of this President other than a racial agenda. The fact that they're able to hide their disappointment behind unrealistic "policy" failures (made up via their own agenda) might be clever, but it's wearing thin.

Moore may take great pleasure in dressing like a sad, sincere friar and warning the President that people were far too pissed off to work for his re-election. That's passive-aggressive bullying at the most, aimed at the sort of people who think Michael Moore is a national treasure. (Perhaps Rachel Maddow needs to re-evaluate her estimation of this seminal trouble-maker).

I would refer Michael Moore to Rep Jan Schikowsky and her assessment of how fired up the public are to help re-elect a man they perceive to be fighting for them.

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Between Moore and Schikowsky, I know who is the more reliable. Moore is part of the infamous 1 percent, and too many people for his comfort realise this. And dressing up like fat Friar Tuck isn't going to win any endearments either. Too many people these days know how many fat friars liked to fuck people over as well.

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