Friday, January 6, 2012

People Remember You Were a Republican, Ed!

Lord, lord ... the apples don't fall far from the trees in Virginia orchards. It's not loyalty to another son of the Commonwealth that made Ed Schultz(Norfolk, 1954) offer kind words and compliments about Rick Santorum's (Winchester, 1958) rhetorical style and campaign techniques.

I guess it was just sheer stupidity.

After all, Schultz did say that Santorum was as good as the President on the campaign trail and predicted he would win the Iowa caucus. (Well, he lost by 8 votes.)

And it isn't that anyone objects to Schultz, or anyone, saying that Santorum (or anyone from the Klown Kar party) "speaks nice." For what it's worth, I think David Cameron, the British Prime Minister gives a good speech, but - were I a Brit - I certainly wouldn't vote his party.

It's just that we on the real Left aren't as stupid as the Professional Left would like. Too many of us remember what happened when Ed called for a Progressive moratorium in voting during the Midterms. We only have to look at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Richmond, 1961) to be reminded.

And those of us who remember that, also remember that it wasn't that long ago that Ed Schultz defined himself as a fully paid-up member of the neocon arm of the Republican Party, as well as being a protoge' of Rush Limbaugh. Even if the media won't question some of the more famous Damascene conversions (yes, I'm looking at you, Arianna Huffington, Markos Moulitsas and Cenk Uygur), people who actually still retain the capacity for critical thought do and will.

Call me cynical, Ed, but somehow the idea that we've been being ratfucked by your ilk just downright irks me.

Anyway, Ed dealt with the problem in his own inimitable style - or rather, the way a real Republican would - by telling his critics on the Left to shut up.


  1. "Call me cynical, Ed, but somehow the idea that we've been being ratfucked by your ilk just downright irks me."


    I have no idea why so many jumped on the Ed Schultz bandwagon. He never appealed to me because I could sense the self-serving, insincere, attention seeking person behind the public facade. I tried watching his program when it debued, but no, no, I had no stomach for theatrics from someone pretending to be a "man of the people," but who is, in reality, a one percenter. Thank goodness that age has its benefits, because I saw through Ed at the very beginning.

  2. "Shut up!" No, Ed, we don't have to. You haven't earned respect and you don't deserve it. Full stop. And how odd it is to hear you say "Santorum doesn't dismiss people" right after you said "Shut up" to people who are pushing back on you. As for "objective?" Horse hockey. Stop whining. Because clearly, it is under your skin.