Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why Learn Civics When It's So Much Fun Pissing on the President?

OK, yesterday was 4/20. It was also my dad's birthday. And it was also Hitler's birthday too.

Of course, limousine liberals would celebrate the first event and fingerpoint at the Right on the third, but it seems that the issue associated with the first event - the legalisation of recreational drugs - is what's really got the Progressive Left angry. I mean, like really, really, really angry - angry enough to stay home from the polls in November.

Because, you know, Puritopians or EmoProgs or whatever just have to have something about which they can be angry with the President.

Otherwise, life isn't worth living.

This was proven in the online Overtime segment of Real Time last night.

Just start off the whine about the President poo-poohing the idea of legalising drugs, and all the usual cockroach talking points come scurrying from the woodwork.

Thomas Frank: Obama promised to repeal NAFTA.

Chrystia Freeland (who's a mutant cross between Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Megan Mullaly): Gitmo's still open, Gitmo's still open!

And, of course, the two resident conservatives have suddenly become all-too-sympathetic to the plight of poor pot smokers, nationwide.

Look, I would love to see pot legalised. And taxed for revenue. But for all this posturing and expostulating, this panel (and its moderator) still exhibit an amazing amount of ignorance when it comes to the powers of the Presidency (which ain't much).

End NAFTA? Repeal it?

End Gitmo? Didn't the President try to do just that?

But in both these cases, the eminent talking heads, and Bill, are ignoring the part played by a very important player in our government ... Congress. And the last time I looked, the House belonged to the Republicans, and the Senate is only being held by Democratic fingernails.

But, hey ... even the Buffett Rule failed the Senate test. I guess what Bill Maher observed about that holds true about NAFTA, Gitmo and marijuana ... something to do with a black President.

Sometimes, your allies do a helluva good job masquerading as enemies.

And finally ... a special word for the avowed "liberals" on the panel - yes, that's YOU, Maher and Frank ... it's PRESIDENT Obama. Or maybe your consistent propensity with referring to the President by his last name only has, you know, something to do with him being a black President.

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