Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Race Is About Race

Virginia gave the world the first American wife. Virginia gave the UK the first female member of Parliament.

Virginian women go where others fear to tread, and so Melissa Harris-Perry, child of Charlottesville, said what millions of people have thought about the election of 2012, but few have dared to say:

At the end of the day, it's all going to be about how many people in America are willing to re-elect a black man.

Oh, let's be even more specific ... how many white people are going to do that?

For all the rhetoric about the economy, the deficit, the war on women, the wars in the Middle East and dogs riding on the tops of cars, it all boils down to re-electing a black man and why various demographics elected such a man in the first place.

Melissa's best moment comes in her introduction, when she calls out all the Progressive types who only voted for the President in order to be part and parcel of a great moment in United States history ... we see their types in Bill Maher, who moans about voting for a black man, but getting a white man, who donates a cool million bucks to the President's SuperPAC and then spends the rest of the campaign moaning on his very public forum about how disappointed he is with the man. How to get your candidate elected ... not.

Yes, Melissa sets the cat amongst the pigeons, but her ineffective panel dance around the issue like a duck dances around a june bug ... wanting to talk about every other demographic and campaign strategy but the obvious problem the President faces.

Watch and learn ...

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  1. 1/3 of voters are independent. Way to ignore them.

    It's sad that this is true but simultaneously it is nice to hear an honest assessment (from around 7:30 on) that politicians can just lump all black voters together, lump all Hispanics together, but those darned white people aren't all the same and that sucks for campaigns. Though at 9:45 Melissa paints all whites as having money, so there's still an attempt to make whites as 1-dimensional as politicians always manage to treat minority groups.