Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bill Maher Is Not Foster Freiss

Now the Republicans are trying bullying tactics again. They're after the Democrats to return the million-dollar donation Bill Maher made to the President's SuperPAC because of "offensive" remarks Maher allegedly made about the fragrant Ann Romney on his panel show last Friday.

Here are the offensive words. (Have the smelling salts handy!)

OK, I happen to think Maher is a misogynist and a racist, but on this one, I'll give him the benefit of a doubt, because he told the truth and in words I would have used. Ann Romney had the choice to stay home and raise her children. Most women don't. And it's true - Mrs Romney has never been in the situation where she had to get her ass out the front door and get to work.

Crudely put? Possibly. Offensive? Not in the least. Sometimes, the truth hurts.

And if the Republicans are offended by the remarks made by someone who donated a measly million dollars to the President's campaign, what about the really offensive remarks Republican mega-donator, Foster Freiss, made about women and their right to birth control?

Remember this?

Bill Maher told the truth, brusquely, about Ann Romney. Multi-millionaire Freiss insulted the intelligence of an entire gender.

Maybe the Democrats should demand the Republicans return the millions (plural) Freiss has contributed?

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  1. Exactly. Personally, I'm not fond of Hillary Rosen, because her days in charge of the RIAA. But, reading her entire remarks, they're simply stating a truth. Ann Romney had a choice as to whether she wanted to stay home and raise children or to have a job/career and have children. She married a very wealthy man who became even wealthier, so she could afford to make that choice. Many - even most - women don't have that option. They have to work. Whether or not they want to stay home and raise their children, they really don't have the choice. So for Republicans to get "offended" is just a ploy.