Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cleopatra, Queen of Denial

Somewhere, my dear departed friend Maria McGowen is shaking her head in disgust at what happened on The View today.

Nikki Haley is many things. Call her a poor man's Palin. Call her a crook - Maria did and often and with justification; and I wish she were alive to tell you of her innate personal and political dishonesty, but her appearance on this program, along with the softball questioning dominated by Baba Wawa, stymies me and makes me angry. Here's the segment:-

First of all, I will give Haley kudos for her achievements, but I still cannot see how a woman of colour, who - by her own admission - experienced racism as a child in the state she now governs, can allow the Confederate flag to fly on the grounds of the statehouse, alongside what she terms a historical monument to African Americans. To me, the cynic, it sound like some demographic is getting the sopstick here and, believe you me, it ain't the Confederacy.

So in that respect, Nikki Haley sounds like a Class A oreo. (Google the term, if you're that young - it doesn't mean she's a tough cookie).

But, Lordy ... to say women don't "care" about contraception is just an outright lie. Contraception isn't just about determining the number of children you have in your family; in most cases, contraception is a women's health issue. So saying women don't care about contraception is like saying women don't care about their health, because they do; and she's being deliberately fallacious to suit her own political ends.

So rather than call her an outright liar, which I'm sure Maria would and did, let's just play along with her delusions of grandeur and say she's Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.

Take it away, Pam ...

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