Saturday, April 7, 2012

Martin Bashir Understands the President's Message to Women; Alex Wagner Doesn't. Surprised?

Sometimes women are ill-served by their own, especially in the political punditry field, on both the Right and the Left. We've all seen how the Rightwing women pundits have one rule for their divine selves and expect the hoi-polloi to live by another (usually dictated by the men in the Party), but today we see how truly clueless the Left's many female political pundits are.

Martin Bashir, a British political commentator, totally got the significance behind the President referencing every female member, living and dead, from his immediate family and the impact they had on his life as a man, especially his mother. Bashir opined that the President, as a man, was very aware, moreso than a lot of his political contemporaries, that he was borne of a woman.

Wagner's snide Valley Girl reply was a shallow whine that "really everybody can say that." All that was missing was "gag me with a spoon."

Bashire and Carolyn Maloney were the only two on this panel, the majority of whom were women, with any idea of women's issues in this political conundrum. The other two women spouted talking points. Wagner was, as usual, totally clueless.


This woman is a total embarrassment - to her profession and to her gender. And, please, will someone, preferably one of her producers, kindly inform her that it's common courtesy to refer to the President of the United States by his title and not merely by his last name? That's rude.

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