Monday, April 16, 2012

When Men Treat Women Like This ... There's a Problem

Watch (from last Thursday's Morning Joe):-

Mika Brzezinski deserves some kind of medal for keeping her cool and being unfailingly polite when faced with what can only be described as a table filled with men whose mammas ought to hang their heads in shame at the way they didn't bring them up.

I've never seen such overt rudeness and patronising of a woman since I was first year at a university which had formerly been all-male, didn't want women there and whose male students did everything within what they thought was their power to get us to leave.

Scarborough hasn't progressed, socially, past the uncouth, ill-bred fraternity boy he undoubtedly was at Alabama. The plagiarist, Mike Barnicle, exhibits the downside of Celtic misogyny. And the rest are just herd-followers.

I know Scarborough is a Republican, who masquerades his Tea Party tendencies behind a fallacious "moderate" mask; I'm not sure about the political affiliations of the rest, but when men treat a woman, seated at the discussion table as an equal, in the brutish and patronising way these pricks treated Mika, she deserves a good shot of vodka. I'd need one too, to deal with such incivility.

But ...

It's not just a problem of the Right. Look:-

Another pasty-faced fraternity boy, this time from the Ivy League, who affects a Left-leaning stance and seeks to refer to a female employee of Fox News (who happens to be a qualified attorney) a "blonde twit."

Jane Harman, however, a Democrat, swiftly moves to remind Bill Maher that this sort of language, in refering to women, and this sort of attitude toward women, in general, is unacceptable.

And he reacts like a spoiled schoolboy being sent to the naughty step by the teacher.

With people like Scarborough and Maher (and many others), is it any wonder we have trouble getting responsible and intelligent women to enter political life?

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