Saturday, April 28, 2012

Real Time Hodge Podge

Sorry for the bad quality ... Good Gingrich jokes, and he actually refers to the President by his title. Don't agree about Bill's VP picks for Romney, though.

Uh-oh ... This oughta be good ... the social scientist who talks about poor whites ...

Jeez, I know Willard tries to empathise with the hoi-polloi and fails. Watch Bill do this too. Bill talks about Charles Murray's town with two sides of the social track - Belmont (the wealthy side) and Fishtown (the poor people). Bill says the town where he grew up was like that and that he was from Fishtown ... i.e., the wrong side of the tracks.

Pull the fucking other one ... Bill Maher grew up in prosperous white Northern New Jersey, in a bedroom town called River Vale. His father was a news editor at the local NBC-affiliated radio station. That is not poor white. By his upper middle class, white-collared town, it might be, but by normal standards, it's not.

More on that later.

The Panel:-

Three Cornell graduates dipping on a Texas Longhorn ... or is it a Yankee thing? And S E, thirty-odd years ago, in the Seventies, when I finished college, guess what? All my friends and I moved back in with Mom and Dad. That's not reprehensible, and it's not new.

Paul Begala shows the Yankees that sometimes you can't beat good, old-fashioned Southern common sense.

Bill should address his own racism instead of pandering to a shallow, liberal audience. However, he's right about the Mormons. And Mitt's a tither.

New Rules:

Bill can be so puerile.

Having said that, pretty good editorial, but who remembers Bill wanted to be John Edwards's bitch, himself?


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