Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morning Joe's Gonad Politics: Two Pricks and a Plagiarist Spinning

Joe Scarborough's angry that Willard isn't sufficiently conservative for his tastes, and he and Mark Halperin agree that the President is wrong to paint Willard as a Rightwing radical. And, Mike Barnicle, plagiarist, just thinks when people see Romney, they won't be afraid of him ... you know, like they might be with a black guy.

Not only that, but Joe, Dick Halperin and Barnicle all try to spin Jimmy Carter's remarks into a covert endorsement of Willard. Listen to President Carter, who's quick to say he'd prefer a Democrat in the White House, but who's nicely saying that Willard's just the best of a bad lot to tolerate. Joe's been up North too long. He should recognise Southernspeak.

The media does, however, favour Willard, to the extent of proclaiming amazement that a "Democratic leader" like Jimmy Carter would almost give his blessing to a Romney Presidency.

Folks, this is gonad politics at its worst. Willard can be as moderate as he wants - the fact is, should he be elected, the Republicans in Congress, if they win the upper hand, would force him as far to the Right as is humanly possible. Considering he's a man who's already said he isn't overly concerned about the poor, has gone on record as having endorsed the Ryan Budget, and has pledged to defund Planned Parenthood, I'd say Rightwing radical is an apt description of Willard.

Never forget that in popular cinematic culture, Willard was a man who was comfortable in the company of rats.

Not much has changed then.

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